Employers are often surprised at how much time it can take to find the right employee. There are job descriptions to write, resumes to review, schedules to arrange, interviews to conduct, and salaries to negotiate. The process can take hours, usually spread over many days or weeks. It’s not surprising that many busy leaders turn to professional recruiting firms like Hiregy to help. Here are some added benefits to taking this approach. 

Recruiters network for a living.

The best new hire for your company may not be looking for a job, which can make them very difficult to find. Professional recruiting firms maintain large candidate pools and stay in touch with them regularly, which means they can dig deeper than any one business when it comes to surfacing the best prospects.

Recruiting firms can shorten your search. 

An open position is usually costing a company money and may be adding stress for other employees who are trying to make up for the missing person’s work. The longer the open slot exists, the more drain on your company. The best recruiters often have specific people in mind as soon as they hear about the job you need to fill. This cuts down on search time and helps you jump right to interviewing.

Recruiters can separate the best from the rest.

Anyone can spot a bad resume, but a recruiting agency can weed out those who look great on paper, but aren’t a good fit for other reasons. At Hiregy, we assess all candidate carefully before you ever meet them, and if they are not up to our standards, we will not send them to you.

Finding a great employee doesn’t have to be a stressful, time consuming experience. Partnering with a recruitment firm will save time and money, and ensure that you meet the most qualified prospects.

If you are looking for new employees for your Central Florida business, give us a call and let us walk you through the process.

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