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Here are answers to common questions about our company.

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What does Hiregy do?

We improve lives by connecting exceptional people. We do this by helping companies identify and hire talented employees in contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire capacity.

Do you only do “temp/contract?”

No, in fact, most of our projects involve helping companies identify and hire permanent employees, although many do take advantage of the benefits of a Contract-to-Hire arrangement.

What are the benefits of a Contract-to-Hire arrangement?

We offer many different hiring options, including Contract-to-Hire. In this arrangement, we help you identify and hire a potential employee as a contractor for a certain period of time (usually defined in hours). Throughout this evaluation period, the candidate works on Hiregy’s payroll and you pay only for the hours the candidate works. This gives you and the candidate time to evaluate skills, fit for your organization and performance. If at any time you determine that the contractor is not the right fit, you can simply choose to end the assignment and you pay only for the hours actually worked. There is no liability and no risk of affecting your company’s unemployment & turnover numbers.

What does 'Direct Hire' mean?

The popular direct hire option gives employers all of the benefits of using the Hiregy team to help source, identify, screen and pre-interview exceptional candidates for your company’s internal positions. Once selected, candidates begin directly on their employer’s payroll and Hiregy charges a recruiting fee for services. The fee is billed only if we successfully identify the candidate you hire for the role.

What types of positions do you specialize in?

The Hiregy Professional Services team has experience in custom recruiting for a wide variety of positions and opportunities. Typically, our clients turn to us for customer service, healthcare support, administrative/clerical, HR, accounting support and marketing.

Do you specialize in a certain industry?

No. Hiregy works with a wide variety of industries including Healthcare, Insurance, Financial, Communications, Advertising/Marketing, Hospitality, Legal and many others. Since we customize our solutions, we have the ability to connect exceptional people for just about any company.

How long have you been in business?

Hiregy was founded in Tampa, Florida, in July of 2004. Originally known as ATS Staffing of Tampa, the company was rebranded as “Hiregy” in 2009. 

Do you recruit ONLY for the Tampa area?

While our company’s operations are based in Tampa, our team recruits for positions all over the country. Examples include recent positions in Seattle, Chicago, Jacksonville and Atlanta.

Do you provide benefits to your contractors?

Yes. Benefits include optional Medical, Vision and Dental, in addition to earning paid holidays and vacation time.

How do you find your candidates?

We source our candidates in a variety of ways including our extensive exceptional candidate database developed personally by our recruiting team over the past six years. We receive a lot of referrals from clients and candidates as well. We also look online, through networking events, social media, advertising and other methods.

Do you screen your candidates?

At Hiregy, we offer a variety of screening options tailored to each client, which may include a criminal background check, verifying skill sets through online evaluations, drug screens and reference checks (by request). We meet face-to-face with each candidate we present (sometimes virtually) to get to know the candidate better and determine whether they are a good fit for your role.

If I want to hire a contractor through Hiregy, how does this work?

Hiring a contractor is very easy. Just call or email our office. A Client Relations Expert will help you determine the qualifications, pay range and bill rate of the contractor needed. Hiregy will source, identify and screen candidates for the position. Once selected (by the employer), the candidate starts on Hiregy’s payroll and Hiregy bills the employer weekly for hours worked. As the employer, you determine the qualifications, the pay rate, the hours worked and make the final choice about which contractors to hire. You can hire a contractor for 4 hours, a day, a week, a month or several years. The flexibility is completely yours. There is a minimum number of hours that a contractor must work before you can make him or her a regular employee of your company; however, there is no minimum number of hours a contractor must work before you end his or her assignment.

If I hire someone as a contractor through Hiregy, can I make this person my employee?

Yes, you certainly can. Hiregy offers a very simple option to convert a contractor to a regular employee. Typically, this is a Contract-to-Hire option where the contractor must work a minimum number of hours before they can become an employee; however, we do offer a simple buy-out option of the fee for the remaining hours in the agreement (difference of bill rate minus pay rate).

What are your typical billing and credit terms?

Hiregy pays contractors and bills clients weekly. Hiregy invoices are due upon receipt. We do offer the ability to accept electronic forms of payment but most clients pay by check. In rare cases, when negotiated in advance, Hiregy will accept credit cards. Due to the extensive costs of payroll, we check the credit of all new clients prior to placement of contractors.

Do I have to sign an exclusive contract with Hiregy?

No. Many of our clients choose to work with us exclusively based on our performance; however, we do work on a contingency basis so you do not need to pay us for our services unless you select one of our candidates for your contract or direct-hire position. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you risk free.

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