Florida is poised for a job boom. As 2022 heats up, the state’s job growth outpaces the rest of the country by six times. Meanwhile, all signs point to continued expansion during the year. At the same time, the general job market has led to rising wages. The pay increases have affected jobs across the spectrum — meaning whatever your skills and background, there’s likely a position waiting for you if you are ready to reenter Florida’s workforce.

Are you ready to come off the sidelines? Here are a few reasons why this is the best time to re-enter Florida’s workforce:

Why Look for a Job in Florida Now! 

Take Advantage of Worker-Friendly Environment

The economic circumstances are in your favor. As the pandemic ends, the economic surge has created a dramatic need for workers. At the same time, many people have chosen to stay out of the labor market.

The result? An extremely worker-friendly situation. Take advantage of these circumstances to reenter the labor force. If you do, you’ll benefit from:

  • Waning COVID Threat
  • Tight Labor Market
  • Higher Wages

Enjoy the Trend Towards Flexibility

The post-COVID economy doesn’t just feature a worker-friendly labor market. During the pandemic, many employers discovered the value of providing remote options for their teams. They built the technological infrastructure and created policies that increased flexibility for their employees.

By jumping back into the labor market, you can take advantage of this trend as well. Even if you have family obligations or other responsibilities to worry about, you can likely find a position that can fit into your lifestyle. Returning to the labor force now means you have access to:

  • Remote Work: If it suits your schedule, you can likely find a position that allows you to work from home.
  • Gig Economy: You don’t need to jump directly into a full-time job. Many companies are looking for part-time or contract workers. Beyond the Ubers and Instacarts of the world, there exists a host of exciting, career-building positions that fall under the broad “gig” category.
  • Understanding Employers: The last two years have forced employers to take a new approach to their workers. You’ll find companies much more willing to negotiate things like schedules and working conditions.

How to Jump Back Into the Florida Workforce

Convinced it’s time to return to the Florida workforce? That’s great! But you might need some help easing back into the employment flow. Here are a tips to facilitate your re-entry into the world of work.

Don’t Wait

Conditions can change quickly. Today’s worker-friendly economy can swing back towards employers tomorrow. If you have an opportunity, don’t waste time. Jump on it now before circumstances evolve.

Tap Your Network

As with any job search, your personal and professional contacts will give you the best chance of grabbing choice job opportunities. Even in a worker-friendly economy, it doesn’t hurt to have an ally on the inside. Use your network to discover what top employers are looking for candidates like you.

Be Open to New Opportunities

As you re-enter the workforce, consider your overall career assumptions. Now is a great chance to set your professional track for years to come. Review your options with an open mind.

Work with a Recruiter

Professional guidance can help you get the most out of your move back into the labor market. Returning to the workforce can involve a difficult transition. A top staffing firm, like Hiregy, can find you the perfect job in Florida for your skills and background.

Contact Hiregy today to smooth your re-entry into Florida’s workforce.