A job search can feel lonely. Often, it’s just you and an internet full of job postings. However, you shouldn’t push forward on your own. Getting additional support can help you find opportunities and make sure you can capture the ones that come along.

This starts with your resume. As your first introduction to most prospective employers, it needs to be pristine. However, one study showed that more than half of resumes (58%) had errors in them.

To avoid these silly (and potentially disastrous) mistakes, you should enlist help building your resume. A second set of eyes can minimize errors and maximize your ability to impress potential employers.

In fact, a second set of eyes might not be enough. You want all the help you can get. Seek out as much assistance as you can, from your loved ones to expert professionals, who can give you as much advice as possible. Here are some groups who can weigh in on your resume:

  • Friends/Family
  • Professional Contacts
  • Industry Insiders
  • Recruiters

Of course, with all this incoming feedback, you’ll need to sort the truly valuable advice from the less impactful. Still, these responses give you the fodder you need to upgrade your resume. Here are some of the ways your document will improve when you show it to additional people:

The Value of a Second Set of Eyes Looking at Your Resume

Eliminate All Spelling/Grammar Errors

You’ve gone over your resume word by word. The spelling and grammar checks have run their pass. Still, one more review can’t hurt. Letting someone else review your resume ensures that everything is correct before you present it to any HR managers.

Get Another Perspective

It’s easy to get stuck in your own head. After fretting about every detail of your resume, it’s tough to see it fresh. That’s why an additional perspective can help. Another person can come at it coldly, giving you an outsider’s view of its impact.

Check for Readability

HR managers breeze over a resume quickly. You’ve got to deliver your message as smoothly as possible. Getting another person to review it can give an excellent gauge of its overall readability.

Make Sure You Have Optimized Keywords

Remember that your resume will likely pass through review software before anyone takes a look. It’s important that you can score well on these AI-driven surveys. To improve your chances, ask someone with high industry knowledge to look at your document. They can identify the ideal keywords to include.

Highlight Your Best Qualities

Are your most marketable skills showing up on your resume? A thorough review ensures a positive answer to this question. An outsider can tell you whether your best qualities shine through in the document.

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