If sitcoms are to be believed, work is where you meet your found family. However, things don’t always work out as they do on The Office or Superstore. Sometimes, people have trouble connecting with their colleagues.

That said, making lasting friendships with your coworkers is fairly common. One study found that more than nine in 10 Americans (94%) look at their workmates as more than mere acquaintances. Meanwhile, about half (52%) connect deeper, developing tight friendships at work.

Between acquaintances and close friends — that leaves a rather big gap. What kind of relationship do you prefer? Even in strictly professional terms, there are benefits to nurturing a closer bond. This can lead to better collaborations and ongoing networking opportunities.

If you’ve struggled to connect with the other team members, there are steps you can take. Here are some tips for fostering better relations with your coworkers:

Tactics to Try Developing Stronger Ties with Your Coworkers

Do Your Job Well

Ultimately, the basis of your relationships with your coworkers will come down to professional collaborations. They will appreciate it if you do your share. Stay productive and make a good teammate. Respect and appreciation are likely to follow.

Be Patient

You can’t build a close relationship overnight. Getting your coworkers on your side might take some time. Don’t try to rush the process. Rather, look to make incremental improvements over the long haul.

Keep a Positive Attitude

An upbeat vibe tends to draw people in. If you’ve met with some resistance from your coworkers, it’s likely not a good strategy to snipe back. Instead, try to remain above bad tempers and maintain a positive attitude.

Find Ways to Deliver Genuine Praise

Say nice things about your coworkers. No, that doesn’t mean kissing up. Your teammates will see through a false front. However, if you deliver genuine praise when warranted, it gives you a chance to tighten your bonds with that coworker.

Look for Common Ground

Talk to your coworkers about their outside lives. Look for common interests and hobbies. These will allow you to have deeper discussions that move beyond the tasks.

Take Notes

A good memory helps in friendship-building. Knowing whether a coworker is married, has kids, or where they grew up — these bits of trivia form the basis of an ongoing relationship. If you have trouble remembering these details, write them down.

Become a Resource

Look for ways to help those around you. Let your coworkers know they can turn to you when they need assistance. You’ll become a go-to collaborator, while also developing a reputation for trust and support.

Understand People’s Motivations

If you’re having trouble connecting with some of your coworkers, try understanding the situation from their point of view. Why might they be standoffish? Are they concerned you are a professional threat? Do they have issues at home they are dealing with? Treating them with empathy gives you a better view of their motivations.

Connect Individually

Everyone is different. Don’t think about how you’re going to your coworkers in general. Rather, consider how you can bond with them as specific people. Treat them as individuals and nurture a unique connection with each of them.

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