Contract staffing can be an effective way for businesses in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Orlando to reduce costs and minimize risks associated with making new hires. But are flexible contract staffing options right for your company? Here’s how to tell if they’re a good fit.

You need seasonal workers.
Many businesses manage seasonal trends that leave them with extra staffing needs during the year.  For example, health insurance companies often handle open enrollment periods during a specific time of year. This can increase call volumes that need to be managed at customer support centers. Temporary employees can be an excellent way to manage seasonal staffing needs like these.

You need to balance employee and client needs.  
Some companies need extra support during busy times, but also want to avoid team member burnout from overtime hours. For example, businesses that operate in tourist areas experience a boost in business during family vacation time. By supplementing full-time staff with contract hires, they can keep employees happy while ensuring that customers have a great experience.

You want to control risk. 
Flex staffing lets you test your business’ need for a new hire. If it turns out that you have enough work to keep your contract team members busy, you can bring them on full-time. If not, you can end the contract without worrying about severance or unemployment claims.

You like the idea of “try before you buy.”
Some positions require candidates to have a specific blend of skills and experience to be successful.  While a St. Petersburg, Tampa or Orlando staffing agency can help you assess a potential new hire’s skills thoroughly, nothing replaces seeing that person in action. Contract-to-hire is a great way to find someone who is a good fit with your business while maintaining flexibility.

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