Remote work has changed the way employees relate to geography. For many positions, you can live almost anywhere. That said, much of the job market still requires that you relocate in order to push your career forward. Getting through that process (and lowering the related stress levels) gets easier when you have a solid moving plan.

Career development often requires a change of venue. Of course, this dynamic has changed in recent years. Even before the pandemic, the rates of relocation had fallen. Still, as recently as 2018, a tenth of job seekers moved for a professional opportunity.

Meanwhile, in some cases, the rise of remote work has increased the drive to change locations. Data published earlier this year showed that 5 million people moved during the pandemic, as the prospect of virtual operations opened up their possibilities. Meanwhile, tens of millions of others might soon take a similar approach.

Whether you’re moving towards a job or towards your dream home (or both), the act of changing location can create a lot of stress. Going into the process, it’s important to create a to-do list that tackles all the key concerns related to the endeavor. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

What to Remember When Relocating For a Job 

Research Your New Home

Find out everything you can about your new home. This will give you the data you need to find the right home and prepare for your fresh life there. Meanwhile, the education process will make you feel more comfortable with the change by dulling the anxiety-causing mystery.

Talk to Your Employer

Your employer is your partner in this move. As such, see what support you can expect. Many companies have stipends and reimbursement policies for these kinds of transitions. Others go even further, providing logistical help and other services.

Create a Schedule

Plot out the timeline of your move. Find out your start date at the new location and work backward from there, creating deadlines for other key tasks. This will break the daunting process into more manageable chunks.

Close Out Your Former Home

There are two parts to a relocation. On the one hand, you’re headed to a new location. On the other hand, you need to worry about tying up loose ends at your former home. As you make your plans, put together a checklist for what you need to accomplish as you head out of town.

Find a Place to Live

Once you’ve done the research and planning part of the process, it’s time to begin the nuts-and-bolts practical tasks. This starts with finding a place to live. Again, your employer might be able to help on this front. They might pay for a temporary location while you look for something more permanent.

Figure Out Details Like Schooling and Child Care

Once you find a place and conduct your move, you still need to figure out how to live in your new home over the long haul. That means working out logistical matters. If you have kids, you’ll need to enroll in school or discover other child-care options. Even if you don’t have children, you’ll have other minor challenges to solve – everything from finding a new dentist to locating the best spot for Sunday breakfast.

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