How does a musician put on a stellar show? Practice, of course. How does an actor prepare for their role? Yep, still practice. How should you prepare for a job interview? Well, you can probably guess the answer by now.

Think of a job interview as a kind of performance. Don’t go into one of these crucial discussions without proper preparation.

4 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Interview

Learn about the Company

Before you head into an interview, you should have as much information as possible about your potential employer. By understanding the company, you’ll get hints about the corporate culture. At the same time, you’ll learn about their products and their customers.

These details will give you insight into the firm’s competitive advantages and where it stands in the market. You’ll have the data you need to focus your interview performance on the values the company prioritizes most.

Are they a startup or a well-established brand? What kind of customers do they target? Answers to these kinds of questions will inform your answers to various interview questions.

Here are a few places you can check to learn about the company:

  • Company Website
  • Social Media
  • News Articles
  • Employer Reviews

Study the Job Description

Knowing details about the company will help you target your responses to the particular employer. Still, you want to drill down on the specific position as well. Luckily, the firm will give you a roadmap to this – it’s called the job description.

Going into an interview, scrutinize the job posting. Make a list of the specific qualifications required for the position. Then, during the interview, try to mention how you fulfill each one.

Get to Know Your Interviewers

Ultimately, a job interview represents a person-to-person interaction. Yes, you’ll be employed by a company. But individual humans will make the hiring decision.

If you can make a personal connection with your interviewers, it will boost your chances of getting hired. Make that a goal during the interview. You can get a jump start on that process by researching your interviewers a bit before the discussion.

Don’t dip into stalking territory, of course. But read their bio on the company website and see if they have a public social media presence. Small details (where they went to school, the hobbies they enjoy, etc.) could become conversation topics during the interview.

Practice Your Pitch

A job interview is a kind of performance. Don’t be afraid to treat it that way. Practice for it like you would for a play or a concert.

Here are a few ways to hone your pitch:

  • Know Your Best Qualities: Concentrate on your top-selling points. Always try to steer the conversation back to these attributes.


  • Practice Answers to Common Questions: Don’t get stumped when you hear, “what’s your greatest weakness?” Research common interview questions and have answers prepared.


  • Understand How to Sidestep Uncomfortable Topics: You probably don’t want to talk about that time you got fired. Understand how to keep those touchy topics off the interviewers’ radars.

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