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Does your business want to find exceptional new hires to join your team? Hiregy is an Orlando employment agency that can help you connect with top job candidates seeking jobs in Orlando. We’re one of Florida’s leading employment specialists, and our recruiting and staffing agency in Orlando has been providing targeted and customized recruitment services and staffing solutions to Orlando businesses for more than 15 years.

Staffing Agency Orlando

At Hiregy, our services begin with a visit to your business to learn about your operations and culture, and to discuss your growth strategies and special needs. We offer a variety of targeted recruitment services, including work to hire, contract to hire, and direct hire solutions. We pinpoint candidates with the right skills and approach to work to succeed in your unique company culture. Our priority is finding top talent for customer service, administrative, clerical, HR, accounting and marketing roles.

Jobs in Orlando

Orlando has a strong job market—one of the fastest growing in the USA, and it’s a fantastic place to live and work. Here at Hiregy, we don’t just help you find a job—we also help you fulfill your professional goals. We specialize in customer service, call center, accounting, marketing and administration roles across many industries, so we’re sure to find you a position that matches your skills and professional aspirations.


How do I hire employees in Orlando?

The best way to find exceptional  employees in Orlando is with the help of a trusted recruitment agency such as Hiregy. Our Orlando employment agency has extensive experience placing top quality candidates in customer service, clerical, HR, accounting and marketing roles.

Do staffing agencies do interviews?

Reputable staffing agencies like Hiregy interview job seekers before they agree to help them find work and introduce them to potential employers. At Hiregy, our goal is to place job candidates in positions that match their personalities, skills and experience, so they can thrive in their employer’s company culture for years to come.

How difficult is it to fill customer service jobs and administrative jobs in Orlando?

At our recruiting and staffing agency Orlando, we specialize in customer service and administrative roles. Customer service and administrative jobs are some of the most challenging positions to fill in Orlando. For the best chance of finding top candidates, work with a reputable and trusted agency such as Hiregy.

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