You took a contract assignment as a way to land a permanent position. Now, you’re patiently waiting for your boss to notice how important you’ve become to the company. Well, patience isn’t always enough. You have to prove to your boss how invaluable you are to turn that contract into a full-time offer.

In general, it’s not a bad strategy to use a contract position as a path to something more long-term. Often, companies like to try out temp workers as a way to scout for their full-time staff.

For instance, one estimate suggested that almost three-quarters of temp positions (70%) had the potential of turning into something more full-time. Those odds are pretty good. Do an excellent job on your temporary assignment, and you can turn the gig into a full-time offer.

That doesn’t always happen, though. Not all contracts turn into full-time offers. You need to show that you’re an exceptional worker, someone who can contribute to the core team. That takes some extra work on your part.

There are steps you can take to improve your chances of making the transition to a full-time job.

4 Ways to Turn a Contract Position into a Full-Time Role

Ask Questions

Let your boss know you are engaged in the process. Ask questions along the way. This way, you’ll get better at your job over time and become more integrated into the team.

Remember: you don’t want them to see you as a robot. Machines are easily replaced. However, active thinking humans provide precious opportunities for innovation.

Meanwhile, asking questions puts you on your boss’s radar. It’s a way to build a bond in a professional, constructive way. This relationship will be essential when you look to transition to full-time.

Request More Responsibility

Don’t get comfortable in your original job. If you’re hired as a temp and stay in a temp’s job, your boss will always see you as a temp. You risk seeming replaceable.

Instead, view your initial assignment as a first step. As soon as possible, start requesting additional responsibility. These added duties will let you expand your role.

Key to this: being good at your original job. You’re not going to get those extra tasks if you can’t do the ones you are initially given. In everything you do, make sure you complete all your assignments with the highest possible quality.

Make Your Own Work

Look around you. Is there anything that needs to get done that isn’t? Could you jump in and get these jobs accomplished?

If so, you have the opportunity to expand your role. Of course, make sure you don’t step on anyone’s toes. Ask before you act. However, a proactive attitude toward responsibility will often speed your progress.

Fit the Culture

Impressing your boss takes more than just getting your duties completed. You also have to fit into the company as a whole. A permanent position means integrating you into the corporate family. Management will want to make sure that your values match the firms.

Show that you believe in the corporate culture. Talk to your coworkers and others within the organization. Participate (as much as they let you) in social gatherings and team-building exercises. These efforts will help cement you within the larger office community.

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