Thanksgiving represents a time for expressing gratitude. But when you list your blessings, do you remember to name your job? Doing so can make you a happier, more engaged employee, which, in turn, can provide fuel for further career development.

A grateful mindset can improve your mental well-being. One study found that nine out of 10 survey respondents said that giving thanks made them feel at least somewhat happy. Meanwhile, a separate research project found that happiness added about 12% to productivity.

In this way, you can draw a straight line from gratitude to getting better at your job. This career success will add to your confidence. You can create a virtuous circle, building an engine to drive accelerated career development.

Still, it can be difficult on an everyday basis to find the necessary gratitude. During the day-to-day grind, you face frustrations and setbacks, making it tough to remember why you should be thankful. With that in mind, here are some reasons to remain grateful for your job:

Eight Reasons To Be Thankful for Your Job

A Paycheck

You like getting that regular injection of cash, right? Your job makes that possible. As frustrating as it can become on a day-to-day basis, stay thankful that you don’t have an even deeper struggle with unemployment.


Your family and your job represent your major sources of human contact. Sure, your coworkers can be annoying from time to time. And, yes, they have their foibles and peculiarities. But every time they make you smile or bring you a cup of coffee without being asked, give a little thanks.


Ultimately, your paycheck arrives because your company has customers. That’s the underlying source of the funds you use for food and shelter and everything else. Keep that in mind next time an irate complainer has you near the edge of your nerves.


Of course, you spend your days trying to beat the competition. But that effort makes you better at your job and creates improved offerings for your customers. Competition drives innovation, so stay thankful for that spur.

Learning Opportunities

Every day presents a new challenge. Each time you clock in, you add to your professional experience — a reservoir of knowledge you can draw on throughout your career.

Using Your Skills

You worked hard to learn your job. Each day, you get a chance to show off those skills. Look back at where you started on your first day and be thankful that things have got better. At the same time, show gratitude for the opportunity to continue to grow over time.

Having a Purpose

At your most grueling moments, you might sit back and daydream. Sitting by the pool with a pina colada. Walking on a beach at sunset. Hitting the tables in Vegas.

Whatever your fantasy life, it would probably get extremely boring after a while. An aimless existence feels nice for a long weekend or even a couple of weeks each year. But it’s nice to have a goal each day and people to share it with.

Days Off

Remember those visions of pools, beaches, and Vegas? Well, you should indulge them, in reality, every so often. And do you know why they feel so good once those vacations come? Because the daily routine of work makes those days off stand out.

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