Job hunting can be challenging—updating and tweaking resumes, navigating online job search engines, and, of course, preparing for interviews. But for older workers, a job search may be even more taxing due to potential age discrimination and the ever-so-frustrating “overqualified” label. Fortunately, today’s job market favors job seekers and with a few smart tactics, seasoned workers can land new jobs quickly. Use these tips:

Fill in Any Gaps:
One of the best ways to enhance your employability is to make sure your skills are up to date. Are you current with the know-how you’ll need in a new role? Think about things like current software, social media use, and continuing education requirements. Research today’s best practices and consider extra training to be as competitive as possible.

Tap Temp Roles:
Temporary jobs, temp-to-perm jobs and contract positions are smart ways to find new employment, especially for seasoned workers who bring experience and finely honed skills to the table. Many companies advertise for temporary help, and recruiters can also help you land a temp or contract position. A good recruiter will assess your skills and find companies that value them.

Retool the Resume:
Your resume should find a fine balance between highlighting your depth of experience and avoiding sending a signal that you may be overqualified for the position you seek. Streamline your job history and experience to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments that will be meaningful to your prospective employer. It may mean retooling your resume several times, but the reward could be well worth it.

Restructure Salary:
No one wants to leave money on the table, but sometimes it pays to think creatively when negotiating. For instance, if your experience and salary history exceed the target range for an attractive position, consider asking for a lower initial salary with a higher bonus if agreed-upon goals are met or exceeded.

Give Some, Get More:
Many smaller businesses, especially nonprofits, will jump at the chance to work with seasoned workers for a reasonable cost. Look at volunteering opportunities or consider a consulting gig at a competitive rate. This will not only build current skills; it will also provide a network of new references and a sense of wellbeing from a job well done.

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