One study suggests that about a third of hiring managers make a decision about a candidate within the first 90 seconds of a job interview. In these cases, there’s not much you can do once the conversation is over.

However, that’s not the typical scenario. In the other 67% of cases, the choice will be made later. These more patient hiring managers will consider your entire interview performance, as well as the period afterward, to make their decision.

Take advantage of this opening. Now, that doesn’t mean harassing the hiring manager or barraging them with messages. (The downside: you can also talk your way out of a job with your post-interview behavior.)

However, there are constructive steps you can take. Here are some appropriate things you can do after a job interview to boost your chances of landing this job and improve your overall odds of finding your dream position:

How to Better Your Chances at Landing the Job Post-Interview

Take a Moment to Celebrate

The end of a job interview represents the successful completion of a long process. The hiring procedures likely began with a few hundred resumes and you were one of a handful of applicants who made it this far.

Allow yourself a fist pump (once you’re alone, of course). Text something optimistic to your friends and family. Savor the moment. Then, you can move on to the remaining steps you can take to help your chances.

Write Down Any Notes or Impressions

Very soon after the interview, write down any items you want to remember. This can include names of the people who interviewed you, any requests they made for additional information, and any details about the job or the company. Do this assessment as soon as possible, while the conversation remains fresh in your mind.

Send a Thank-You

Stay in communication with your potential employer. A “thank you” email represents a great way to maintain this correspondence. To do this, send a quick note to your interviewers thanking them for your time. They will appreciate the gesture and you’ll keep up your connection.

Submit Any Requested Materials

Along with a thank-you message, take care of any remaining tasks that came up during the interview. Sometimes, your interviewers will request more information from you. This might include work examples, additional references, or any other topic that came up during the discussion.

Even if you didn’t get formal “homework,” you should look for supplemental material to send. This gives you a chance to keep up the conversation after the interview ends. As such, think back on the discussion, searching for an excuse to provide more information.

For example, you’d ideally like to send an email that says something like: “During the interview, we discussed the project proposals I would create as part of my last job. Here are some examples of what I meant.”

Find Out the Hiring Timeline

You want to set realistic expectations for when you might hear back about the position. As part of this, discover the company’s planned timeline. You can do this at the end of the interview or as part of your post-discussion correspondence. For example, you can add a question about the timeline at the end of your thank-you note.

Conduct a Self-Assessment

Your post-interview efforts shouldn’t just focus on the company or even this specific position. Rather, take a few moments of internal reflection. How did you perform during the interview? Were there questions/moments you could have handled better?

You don’t want to fall down a rabbit hole of self-recrimination. Keep your review constructive. But assessing your interview strengths and weaknesses will let you improve over time, increasing your chances of landing the next opportunity that comes along.

Keep Your Job Search Going

No matter how well you think your interview went, don’t become fixated on this opportunity. Take the appropriate steps to follow up. However, at the same time, keep your general job search moving forward. Continue to apply for positions and schedule other interviews until you have a firm offer in hand.

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