Working can be hazardous to your health. Some jobs come with inherent physical dangers. Others avoid these risks, but still present threats from stress and mental strain. As such, it’s important to improve your health and wellness, whether at work or at home.

Just in terms of bodily injury, work can represent a dangerous place. More than a third of workers (35%) have experienced a work-related health problem at some point in their lives.

Mental health is an even bigger risk in the workplace. More than three-quarters of people (77%) have experienced physical symptoms stemming from stress. Meanwhile, 73% have reported psychological symptoms.

What can you do to avoid these hazards? Here are a few steps you can take to improve your wellness in every aspect of your life:

Take Care of Your Physical Health

When you think about health, your physical well-being probably comes to mind first. We’ll discuss the mental aspect in more detail later, but the state of your body feeds into all aspects of wellness. You need to start there.

Unfortunately, your job can often become the enemy of that. This goes beyond the risk of injury that some jobs threaten. It also relates to less obvious health dangers.

For instance, long hours and high-stress levels can undercut your ability to stay healthy. Reliance on fast food and a lack of time for physical activity can chip away at your stamina and immune system. As such, you need to be conscious of this effect.

To counteract these dynamics, you need to consciously create healthy habits. As part of this, take time to:

  • Get More Sleep
  • Eat Well
  • Exercise
  • Take Advantage of Employee Health Benefits
  • Learn to Deal with Stress
  • Talk to Your Support System

Cultivate a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Maintaining good health requires a holistic approach. You can’t concentrate solely on a single part of your existence. Rather, you need to make sure the various elements of your life dovetail together to promote wellness.

When looking at how your job influences this, it’s important to consider work/life balance. Of course, a successful career comes with many benefits. These include a strong sense of self and the resources you need to afford a healthy lifestyle. However, if you pursue your career too aggressively, you can threaten your relationships and your mental well-being.

As such, a strong work/life equilibrium provides an important foundation for overall health. Take steps to secure this balance.

Get a Job You Love

Health and wellness get easier to achieve when a job fits perfectly into your overall lifestyle. An ideal position comes with minimal stress – not because it lacks challenges or comes easily to you. Rather, you’ll avoid unnecessary anxiety because you have confidence you can handle whatever comes up.

Meanwhile, a perfect job affords you the ability to pursue all forms of fitness. You can find the work/life balance you need. Meanwhile, you still have time for healthy choices, like exercise and sleep.

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