Right now, companies are looking to facilitate a major transition. Following the rush to remote operations during the pandemic, many employers want to bring their teams back to the office. What does this return to in-person work mean for company culture and what should your ideal role be in this process?

It’s an important question. About half of business leaders want their employees back full-time, according to a recent survey. Meanwhile, even among the flexible managers, a hybrid structure seems like the likely long-term solution.

You probably got used to remote work, and any change comes with its share of challenges. However, a return to the office also offers a major opportunity. Not only does it come with potential business upside, but you can benefit from a re-engagement with your company’s culture.

The question becomes: how to get the most out of this moment? With that in mind, here’s how you can boost your in-person company culture and benefit from the experience:

Ways to Help Grow Your In-Person Company Culture

Learn About Your Employer’s Cultural Priorities

Culture manifests itself differently through an in-person environment than it does through remote work. Returning to the office means a transition. You’ll need to embody your company’s values differently now that you have returned to the office. It helps to know what these are.

When you work outside the office, a distance exists between you and the rest of the company. It’s easy to focus on your tasks and ignore some of the more general aspects of the job. Returning to in-person work means reorienting yourself with these other parts of the position. To speed up this process, re-familiarize yourself with your company’s cultural priorities.

Embody the Best Aspects of Your Company’s Culture

Take your company’s culture to heart. Once you’ve become familiar with the values that your company wants to prioritize, find ways to put those concepts into practice. This will help make those aspirations a reality.

Of course, you don’t want to become the annoying rah-rah corporate drone that ends up a source of ridicule for your coworkers. Show the necessary restraint.

But an in-person position gives you an opportunity. Now, you can experience your company’s culture daily, in a way that isn’t available in more remote roles. Take the chance to get as much value as possible from the situation.

Form an In-Person Communication Plan

Operating in an in-person environment requires different skills than a remote role. The situation requires a distinct mix of communication options that aren’t available when you operate off-site. Think about how to approach these changed circumstances as you return to the office.

Get to Know Your Coworkers

One of the benefits of in-person operations centers on the opportunity for stronger personal connections. When you work remotely, you are separated from your coworkers. Getting back to the same physical space opens the door to a deeper bond.

This feeds into the corporate culture — and at the same time feeds off of it. Getting to know your colleagues leads to a more collaborative atmosphere. You’ll end up with a more productive, more engaging employee experience.

Participate in Company Events

Part of getting to know your coworkers comes from joining them at company events. During COVID, these get-togethers were impossible. Now that the pandemic restrictions have passed, you can connect with your company’s culture more directly.

Want More Help Developing Your Company Culture?

It’s easy to engage with your firm’s corporate culture when you agree with its values and priorities. A top recruiter, like Hiregy, can pair you with the perfect situations for you.

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