Life is finally getting back to something approaching normal following two years spent under the shadow of the pandemic. Travel. Live shows. Dinners out. One more thing to add to the list: job interviews and difficult interview questions.

Okay, that last one isn’t as appealing. Still, the COVID shutdowns probably put your career on hold. Even if you continued to work, the economic disruption likely stymied your professional development. With concerns about the virus finally fading, it might be time to get your work-life back on track.

But are you ready to handle job interviews in 2022?

In many ways, it might be a matter of getting back into practice. However, there are some changes to corporate thinking that you should take into account as well. With that in mind, here are some tips to prepare for the top interview questions of 2022:

Standard Interview Questions

Some interview questions are classics. While some topics come in and out of prominence, there are certain subjects you should practice, whatever the current trends. Here are a few of those:

What are your strengths?

Let the interviewers know your top selling points. These will likely change slightly from employer to employer, so understand what traits will most fit the current opportunity. By tailoring your response to the particular situation, you’ll raise your chances of hitting the mark.

What are your weaknesses?

This is possibly the most dreaded interview question. Don’t let it break your confidence. Tell the interviewers how you’ve learned to overcome your weaknesses and focus on your ability to improve over time.

What appeals to you about this job?

Again, you should customize your response based on the specific company. The key here is to do research prior to the interview. Learn as much as you can about the firm, so you can give a targeted response to these types of queries.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Have a longer-term vision in mind. Signal that you want to grow with the company over time. This also presents a good time to highlight soft skills like leadership and teamwork.

Common Interview Themes for 2022

Beyond the questions you’re likely to see in any interview, there are some hot conversations specific to the current economic moment. You should be aware of these in-vogue subjects and prepare strong responses in these areas. Here are a few themes to keep in mind for 2022:

Remote Work

Following the onset of the pandemic, many companies instituted work-at-home provisions to make it through the COVID crisis. In 2022, these firms are weighing how to proceed in a hybrid world. As such, expect questions about your remote experience and your process under those conditions.

Dealing with Safety Protocols

This represents another topic that has seen increased focus since COVID. Some firms might require conditions like vaccinations. Meanwhile, others might just ask about your experience dealing with increased safety mandates.

Great Resignation

Companies have dealt with a massive spike in turnover recently. While there are signs that this trend has calmed down recently, employers will likely have employee movement in mind as they look to fill positions. Expect an added emphasis in areas like your longer-term plans or why you left your last job.

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