The post-pandemic economy promises new opportunities to many workers. Should you take advantage? Should you ditch your comfortable job for the chance at something better? It’s a big decision that requires you to consider a lot of factors before accepting that other job offer and leaving your current position.

If you decided to jump ship, you’d be far from alone. In September, 4.4 million people quit their jobs in the U.S. — a record number. Is it in your best interest to join them?

The right answer depends a lot on the details of your specific situation. We can’t tell you what to do. But we can give you a few crucial points to think about as you consider whether you should accept a job offer and leave your current position:

When to Start Considering a New Job Offer

Pay Difference

Start by considering the basics. You work to earn a paycheck. That represents the fundamental consideration for any position.

How do the salaries of the two jobs compare? If they are roughly the same, you’ll have to use other criteria to make your decision.

However, if there’s a massive difference, you’ll obviously have a clear preference for the higher pay. At that point, you’re just making sure that the other aspects of the position don’t undermine the value of that extra cash.

Better Benefits

Don’t forget that pay only represents part of the compensation consideration. You also have to look at benefits. Weigh the competing offers for factors like:

  • Health insurance
  • Family leave
  • Dental/vision
  • Vacation days
  • Stock options
  • Bonuses

More Flexibility

With the growing work-from-home trend, flexibility has become a major topic when considering new job offers. Think about your preferred schedule. Which company can most closely match it?


For remote work, you can live almost anywhere and have your choice of employers throughout the country, and even throughout the world. However, most firms still require in-office attendance, at least some of the time.

Will you have to move to take the new opportunity? If so, you’ll have to weigh the impact that will have on your lifestyle.

Resume Prestige

Review the two jobs from a career-building standpoint. Think about where you want to end up eventually and the kinds of bullet points on your resume that will get you there. That will help you choose which job will make the biggest long-term impact.

Ability to Advance

At the same time, look at the overall organizations. Judge which company has the most room for your eventual career growth. If you can climb higher at one of the firms, it probably offers the better long-term prospect.

A Chance to Break Out of a Rut

Do you feel trapped in your current job? If so, compensation and many other factors might not matter as much to you. You might just need a change of pace and some new scenery to keep your career from getting stale.

Opportunity to Learn New Skills

You always want to be developing your skills. Ideally, you’ll find a position that maximizes this opportunity. Gravitate towards the job that offers the most chances to learn new tricks.

Impact on Your Home Life

Don’t forget about work/life balance. Ruminate over how the new job will impact your home life. Does it involve longer hours? Night or weekend shifts? How is the commute if you have to head to the office? These considerations can make a big impact overtime.

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