Like every other ambitious professional, you have a LinkedIn account. It’s the basic online tool for building your career. But are you taking the time to cultivate your profile and maximize its value?

When companies have an open position, they usually turn to LinkedIn. One study found that 87% of recruiters use the platform to research candidates. Meanwhile, more than 120 million people have gotten an interview using LinkedIn — with more than 35 million connecting with someone through the site who eventually hired them.

However, getting the most out of the platform requires effort on your part. Like tending a garden, you have to apply regular maintenance to keep your profile fresh.

LinkedIn suggests you update your profile at least once a week. With a busy schedule, you might not always have time for that. However, there are steps you can take on monthly basis to get the most out of the platform. Here are three key ones to keep in mind:

Three Easy LinkedIn Profile Updates

Post Career Updates

Think of LinkedIn as a personal career blog — one with a reach to millions of high-quality potential employers. The platform gives you the opportunity to highlight your career achievements and create an updated record of your professional development.

Plus, regular posts will encourage higher engagement with your profile. This will deepen your connection with your current contacts, staying on their radars when you’re not actively looking for opportunities. It also opens you up to higher chance of becoming a passive candidate for a position.

More than that, posting on LinkedIn can help you develop an employee brand. It can become a key pillar in your ability to develop a reputation within your industry. You can showcase your value as an employee and increase your chances of getting discovered by a winning organization.

These updates can also help you position yourself as a thought leader. You can prove your understanding of broader developments in your industry. At the same time, you can show your personality — a key component of building a connection with a potential employer.

Add New Contacts

Don’t ignore the main purpose of LinkedIn. It’s the highest-profile professional social networking platform — it has the word “networking” right in its description. LinkedIn offers a substantial opportunity to broaden your web of contacts, making it easier to accelerate your career development over time.

As such, you should make a routine practice of adding to your list of contacts. At least once a month, make a concerted effort to expanding your network. Here are a few tactics you can use:


  • Drive engagement by posting regularly and sharing articles
  • When you meet someone in real life, follow up on their LinkedIn
  • Reach out to all your former co-workers and supervisors
  • Look beyond professional contacts to groups like former classmates or friends
  • Search your email and phone contacts for people you might have forgotten
  • Engage with other people’s LinkedIn content
  • Include your LinkedIn profile in your emails and other appropriate correspondence
  • When you send a connection request, included a personalized message

Engage with Your Groups

Imagine what it’s like to go to an industry conference and sit down with like-minded professionals. You can exchange ideas and share experiences. Most importantly, you build relationships that can enhance everyone’s careers.

LinkedIn gives you a similar online option. The platform’s Groups feature lets you meet others in your profession. Through this resource, you can expand your web of connections.

Looking For Help Advancing In Your Career?

LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for driving your career forward. You can also fuel your development by engaging with an expert recruiter. A top staffing firm, like Hiregy, can connect you with the perfect companies to achieve higher levels of success.

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