Between this year and last year, there has been a lot of stressful changes.  You may be feeling exhausted in all areas of your life but especially with work. With constant adjustments due to the pandemic on top of the typical day-to-day stress, this lack of motivation is entirely normal. People across the country are finding it harder than ever to stay focused on work.

According to a recent article published by Forbes, one of the main reasons behind these widespread feelings of fatigue is increased stress levels. Chronic stress impacts how your brain works and often leads to brain fog. When experiencing brain fog, it may feel hard to make quick decisions and seem like tasks take longer than they should—all of these leave you feeling more distracted, more stressed, and overall less productive.

If you feel like this at work, you can do a few things to manage this issue better, become more motivated, and improve your quality at work.

Three Tips For Increasing Your Motivation at Work

Make The Most Of Your “You” Time

In the past year, you have likely had to make significant changes. From working from the office to home and back, balancing childcare, and adjusting to new rules and regulations constantly, it is no wonder you feel exhausted. During times of change and even after significant adjustments, you need to prioritize your self-care. Make sure you are finding time in your busy schedule for yourself. Prioritize rest, relaxation, and exercise.

Planning this time into your already busy schedule may seem impossible, but doing so will allow you to feel more rejuvenated. It will help you to feel more motivated and get more done each day.

Focus on Smaller Goals

While prioritizing self-care is essential, you should not lose focus on your professional and career-related goals. During times where you feel unmotivated, it can be hard to stay focused on long-term goals. For this reason, you need to organize your priorities and set smaller goals for the coming months. Small achievable targets will make it easy to keep on track.

If you have an important long-term goal with a distant deadline, it becomes easy to procrastinate. You can waste time now and try to make up the work down the line. When you do that, you will find yourself angry and more stressed down the line when you are in a time crunch.

Keep checklists and set monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly goals and tasks. These smaller goals should be comprised as steps toward your larger goal. Achieving benchmark tasks allow you to feel an increased sense of accomplishment and improve your motivation.

Stay Social

You are not alone in your feelings of burnout! Turn to your coworkers for help. Be honest about your feelings but keep the conversation positive. No doubt they can relate to the stress and lack of motivation you have been feeling lately. By connecting and relating to one another, you can work together to stay motivated.

Additionally, finding opportunities for group work provides a natural source of motivation. Your coworkers can help hold you accountable.  You and your coworkers won’t want to let each other down, meaning you’ll all find it easier to stay on task.

Find an Exceptional Job

It gets easier to stay motivated when you have the right job. Sometimes it is necessary to find a new job to feel engaged and productive. By partnering with a strong recruiting firm like Hiregy, you’ll find the perfect position for you.

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