Most of us are ready to wave goodbye to 2020 and throw a BIG party for the arrival of 2021. This much awaited new year is a great time to take stock and make decisions about how you’ll start strong. For employers, a good question to ask is, “how can I make my team happier and more successful?” Here are a few ideas to consider.

Picture of a group of people talking at the office


Hover less, trust more
Being micromanaged is a common worker complaint. Bosses who watch every move their employees make and questions their decisions are not going to win their team’s loyalty. Give employees room to figure things out for themselves and make an effort to remember that there’s more than one path to a successful outcome.

Celebrate success
It’s important to recognize and reward employees’ hard work. It can also be fun. Celebrating successes doesn’t have to be a huge gesture. It can be as simple as acknowledging a team’s great job in a company-wide email, or treating a top team member to lunch at their favorite restaurant.

Give better feedback
Feedback is vital to employees. It lets them know how they are doing and helps them grow and develop new skills. Communicating when work meets or exceeds your expectations, and offering constructive criticism when it doesnt, will help your team clearly understand what they should keep doing and which areas of their work need improvement.

Keep an open mind
If an employee brings a fresh idea to the table, take it for a whirl. This will make your team feel appreciated, and may also help your company innovate.


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