Your closet probably has a few old clothes in it that don’t fit well or that you don’t like.  But you’re still holding on to them, and you may not know what to do with them. Could the same thing be true about your job? Many people outgrow their positions, but it can be hard to know exactly when the right time is to move on. Hiregy offers five signs that your job isn’t a good fit any more and possible ways to resize it.

Meh Mornings

You used to wake up happy to go to work. You were excited about your projects and responsibilities. You looked forward to talking with co-workers about ideas you had percolating. But lately, going to work and doing your job feels more burdensome than productive, and your projects seem mundane and unchallenging. These could be indicators that it’s time to tweak your resume and start sending it out.


Remember when you wanted to move up the company ladder? Maybe you had a mentor who guided you on every rung. Now you feel like you’re balancing on the top with lots of folks coming to you for guidance, but no one to look up to. If you’ve run out of growth opportunities, you may not be happy for much longer. Consider contacting a recruiter to see what other types of opportunities are available for someone with your skills.

Money Talks

You may be managing on your salary and money may not be the only reason you do your job. But if your salary isn’t heading upward each year, you may have hit the income ceiling for your position. When that happens, it makes sense to start researching positions and moving to a new opportunity with higher income potential.

Talent Wasted

Frustration is brewing because you know you can do more than you’re being given. When you feel like your job uses only a small part of your talent, it may be time to chat with your employer about expanding your opportunities. If that’s not possible, go online and start reviewing recruiter sites to see what other positions are available that will use more of what you have to offer.

Gut Says “Get Out”

Arguably the most important indicator that it’s time to move on is the gnawing gut feeling that keeps telling you to move on. If that voice inside is blaring like a teen’s car stereo, it’s time to act and look for a new position.

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