When it comes time to consider job offers, the first consideration (and sometimes the last consideration) for many job seekers is tied to the salary number. Of course, this is a core factor to weigh when choosing a job. However, don’t become overly focused on that single figure. You can get additional value from a position by looking for a diverse benefits package too.

An eye on benefits gives you many advantages as a job seeker. Sometimes employers won’t have the budget for a higher salary. After all, their revenues are what they are. However, there can still be room for flexibility on other fronts. You can improve your negotiating position if you have other concerns beyond cash.

Statistics indicate that benefits are likely already on your radar as you search for a job. A survey conducted by Glassdoor showed that salaries represented the main concern for workers looking for a job, with 67% listing it as a top factor. No surprise there.

But benefits came in at a close second, cited by 63% of those asked. This beat out considerations like location, commute time, or even the employer’s online reputation.

However, there’s another layer to this analysis. Even as you realize that benefits represent an important concern, do you know what benefits to pursue? With that in mind, here are benefits to consider at your next position (besides salary):

Benefits to Think About at Your Next Position

Health Benefits

Health care is expensive — and gets increasingly costly every year. Government statistics show that Americans pay a total of more than $4 trillion for health care each year, or nearly $13,000 per person.

No wonder health insurance represents a core benefit for many positions. This helps you limit risks and keep your medical costs controlled. Along with basic medical insurance, consider other possible benefits you can discuss with your employer:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)


Look beyond your career. Your employer can also help you build a retirement nest egg. These start with provisions like a 401(k) program.

Beyond this, look into other ways the company can help you save for your golden years. This includes matching contributions to your retirement accounts, as well as benefits like stock options. Some companies also provide financial help in the form of access to advisors.


If you feel like you’ve reached a ceiling on your salary request, you can still negotiate how often you need to work. Companies can sometimes be flexible about personal time off, or PTO. Ask for additional vacation time or other stipulations related to days off.


Strong negotiation skills can get you more time off. But what about the days when you have to work? Does your schedule fit your overall lifestyle?

The rise of remote or hybrid working options has given you more freedom in setting your own schedule. Look for opportunities to leverage this flexibility. Talk to potential employers about scheduling options.

Advancement Opportunities

Landing a job isn’t just about the immediate position. It’s also about joining an organization and (hopefully) moving forward in it. Gravitate to employers who can offer ways to develop your career over time.

Educational Subsidies

Along with chances to move forward within your target company, other benefits can enhance your marketability. Look for programs that allow you to add to your skill base. As you weigh potential offers, ask about any opportunities your prospective employer gives to learn new abilities or expand your education.

Child Care Benefits

Being a working parent is difficult. Work/life balance becomes even more complicated when you need to worry about taking care of your kids. It helps to have affordable childcare options.

Look for employers that offer assistance in this arena. Some large companies offer onsite daycare options. Even if this isn’t possible, you can request subsidies or reimbursements that will make it easier for you to get your work done, knowing your kids are safe and happy.

Looking for an Employer with a Benefits Package Built for You?

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