Looking for a new job can take a toll. From financial concerns to family pressures to questions about your career path, a switch in employment can dig up deep emotional responses. Do you have the strategies in place to cope with your job-search anxiety?

It can represent a pressing question. Job searches don’t just stir up frustration and anxiety. They can often trigger full-blown existential crises.

One study found that 53% of job seekers describe themselves as losing a piece of their identity during the process. Meanwhile, 56% report serious mental strain, such as depression, stemming from being out of work.

However, you don’t have to travel down this path. There are steps you can take to limit your stress and fend off the worst mental impact of a career change. Here are some ways you can cope if you become anxious about your job search:

Coping with the Anxiety of Your Job Search

Focus on Your Progress

All job searches come with a big dose of frustration. You’ll receive a lot of rejection and hit a lot of dead ends.

However, don’t focus on these negative aspects. They are part of the process, but they shouldn’t monopolize your thoughts. Rather, concentrate on the progress you’ve made and keep moving forward.

Direct Your Nervous Energy

Get the most out of your anxiety. Put that nervous energy to work by applying it to your job search. Instead of merely fretting about whether you will get a job, turn that feeling into fuel for activities like research and preparation.

Lean on Your Support Network

Talk to the people around you. Your loved ones will ease your anxiety and help you feel better about yourself. As an added bonus, discussing your job search could become a networking win — someone close to you might know of a perfect opportunity.

Keep Up Your Hobbies

Yes, your job search is important. However, it doesn’t need to take over your life completely. Rather, you should still engage in other activities that you love.

Consider the hunt for a new job as a full-time activity. That still leaves time during the day to enjoy your hobbies. These will help relieve stress and recharge your brain for a better job search the next day.

Get Moving

Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress. When you feel your anxiety rising, it might be time to get your body in motion. This can take the form of a workout, a walk to clear your head, or an activity like yoga.

Find Ways to Upgrade Your Job Search

If you’re worried about the progress of your job search, there are steps you can take. Part of your task involves continuously improving your technique and upgrading your chances of finding the ideal position. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Look for niche job sites focused on your industry or geographic region.
  • Expand your network.
  • Leverage social media to enhance your job search.
  • Seek out companies you admire and specifically target them as a potential employer.
  • Partner with a staffing agency.

Looking to Make The Most Out of Your Job Search?

This last option especially opens up significant opportunities. A top recruiter, like Hiregy, can connect with exciting employers and point you toward unpublished job openings.

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