5 Ways to Reach Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers an excellent place for job seekers to reach out to a recruiter. However, you have to know the right techniques and target the right recruiter on LinkedIn. Otherwise, you’re likely to get lost in the shuffle.

According to the company, LinkedIn currently has about 800 million members located in 200 countries and it provides a dynamic resource for driving your career forward. However, this reach can also become daunting because it’s hard to know where to start.


How To Find Recruiters on LinkedIn

Meanwhile, recruiters represent a major presence on the world’s largest professional social media network. One estimate indicated that about 5% of LinkedIn profiles in the U.S. come from recruiters. As a result, the platform provides potential access to millions of recruiters.

Again, this number is both encouraging and intimidating to job seekers. Ultimately, there are lots of opportunities. But you have to find a way to stand out on a very crowded platform.

To break through the noise, here are five ways to improve your chances of building a relationship with a recruiter on LinkedIn:

Find the Right Recruiters

Some recruiters will value your skills and have connections with the kinds of companies you want to work for. Others won’t offer such a good fit. Wasting your time with a mismatched recruiter on LinkedIn will only cause frustration and take your attention away from more valuable opportunities.

As such, your first job should be to find the right recruiters for you – and LinkedIn can help you discover these gems. Well-chosen recruiters will be more responsive to your connection requests and more likely to have the right positions for you once you make contact. Use LinkedIn as a resource to locate the ideal recruiters for you.

Create a Great Profile

Start by making sure that your skills and experience connect with recruiters. Build a profile that will attract those with the power to place you in the type of jobs that suit you. That way, you can impress a recruiter on LinkedIn once you make contact.

At the same time, set yourself up for passive contact. Recruiters will be drawn to your profile as they search for interesting talent.

Connect With The LinkedIn Recruiter

Add the recruiter as one of your LinkedIn connections. However, when you do so, include a personalized message. Otherwise, you’ll just appear as a stranger — one of many interchangeable job seekers that reach out to them on the social media platform.

A custom message can help you break through the crowd. Here are a few things you could include in your message to a recruiter on LinkedIn:

  • A concise message introducing yourself
  • A personal connection (if you have one)
  • Very brief description of your situation
  • A mention of why you chose to connect with them
  • A call to action

Follow Up With The Recruiter

If the recruiter accepts your connection, it’s time to spark a deeper conversation. Sometimes, they will initiate a further dialog. But often, they will accept your request with no additional response. Remember: recruiters are busy people. They may intend to follow up but lose track of time. As a result, you may need to take additional steps to push the relationship further.

Start by thanking the recruiter for accepting your connection request. Send them your resume and give them additional details that might be pertinent to their specific business. From there, continue to stay in touch and look to move beyond the LinkedIn stage.


Do I Need LinkedIn To Get A Job?

Speaking of moving beyond…

LinkedIn provides an excellent resource for job seekers to connect with recruiters. However, it shouldn’t represent your only tool in this process. Rather, you should leverage its features in combination with other forms of communication. Ultimately raising your chances of making meaningful contact.

Once you’ve discovered an intriguing recruiter on LinkedIn, use other platforms to conduct additional research. This can include:

  • Reviewing the recruiter’s website
  • Scanning their social media feeds
  • Reaching out by email
  • Pinging your network to see if anyone you know has worked with the recruiter


Alternatives to LinkedIn

For the best chances of finding your dream job, it’s crucial to remember that there are alternatives to LinkedIn. When you register with several recruitment networks, ultimately, you have more opportunities. You can also use social networks to develop business contacts. 

Some of the best online alternatives to LinkedIn include:

  1. Angelist – This is one of the most popular alternatives to LinkedIn, and you can use it to find employment, employees or even investors for a startup. 
  2. Meetup – This is one of the best alternatives to LinkedIn to develop an offline network. Meetup has over 16 million users, and you can find out about local business events and seminars. 
  3. Opportunity – Uses an algorithm to help you create business networks. You can also use it to find jobs, hire talent, as a lead generator, or even for dating. 
  4. Jobcase – This is a mix between social networking and job searching, and it’s a fantastic alternative to LinkedIn because you can be more specific with details, such as your preferred salary.


Job Networking Apps

Job networking apps are ideal for job seekers because they’re like dating apps, and will match you with potential employers. Additionally, with an app, you can make connections from the convenience of your smartphone and never miss an employment opportunity. 

Most of the major online recruiters like Meetup and LinkedIn have recruitment apps, but here are a few others:

  1. Shapr – This app is called the Tinder of business networking. You simply swipe left or right to find business matches, and it’s a fantastic app for making local connections. 
  2. Group Me – This messaging app helps you maintain a personal relationship with business contacts. It offers a platform for flowing communication and supports all media, including videos and documents.
  3. Lets Lunch – With this app, you can attend networking lunches to develop a solid offline, local network.


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