You’ve seen the memes and the TikTok videos. Time to get your grindset going. Well, maybe you can skip the scams and the corny affirmations. But the general idea holds: figure out how you can make more money in 2022.

How can you make this happen? Actually, you have several options. With a strong economy and worker-friendly job market, you’ve got more leverage than normal.

Given this situation, it’s time to grab the compensation you deserve. Here are five ways to make more money in 2022:

Five Ways to Maximize Your Earning Potential

Ask for It

Sometimes, things are simpler than you think. Want extra money? Just ask for it.

A surprisingly small number of employees use this approach. One study found that a little over a third of workers (37%) have ever asked for a raise from their current employer. That’s not a figure for the past year. That’s the number who have ever asked for a raise.

Don’t make this mistake. Use your annual review as an opportunity to ask for a raise.

Look for Contract/Part-Time Work

You might not be able to secure a raise at your full-time employer. There are still ways to take advantage of the current labor market, while leveraging the trend towards the gig economy at the same time. By looking into contract or part-time work, you can turn your spare time into additional earning power.

Freelancing also delivers other benefits. You get a chance to improve your skills and widen your network, opportunities that could turn into even more lucrative positions down the line. At the same time, you can break out of your rut and explore other work options, while still keeping the stability of your regular job.

Get More Efficient

If you’re thinking about the freelancing route, it helps to maximize your income potential. That means completing assignments in the most efficient way possible. Fine-tune your skills and invest in technology that will help you get more out of your time.

This won’t just help with your side hustle. A more effective set of work habits will also let you excel at your core job. By promoting this improvement, you raise the chances that you can secure a raise down the line.

Acquire a New Skill

This tactic takes a longer view of your earning potential. By adding new competencies, you expand your value to employers. As a result, you open up new opportunities and increase the amount you can earn in the positions you land.

Adding a fresh ability will take some time. But you can leverage plenty of online resources to build out your skillset. It won’t provide an instant increase in your paycheck. However, once you acquire the new capability, you could see a permanent bump to your potential salary.

Switch Jobs

The post-COVID economy has spurred a dramatic increase in pay rates. Ideally, you can use this leverage to get a raise at your current employer. However, if that doesn’t work, the labor market dynamics give you plenty of options to earn more money.

Look around for other job possibilities. A better-paying opportunity might be an application away.

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