Bill FriesBill Fries

Chief Executive Officer

My job at Hiregy is … Chief Executive Officer, which means on an average day, you’ll find me working with our team to connect more exceptional people with our clients. Oh, and I’m also the guy who stocks the coffee supplies daily.

When I get off work you’ll find me … spending time with my family, working out or shopping at Target.

It makes me feel great when … our team places someone in a new job!

The best advice I ever received was … to join the board of the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay! What a great organization teaching Tampa nonprofits how to run their businesses.

One thing that drives me crazy is … people who turn on their windshield washers while driving in front of me down the highway.

My office nickname is … Jefe.

My mantra is … if you want to win the lotto, you’ve got to buy a ticket!

In my office you’ll find … a treadmill desk. I love to stand and work.

Team Cat or Team Dog? Team ‘No Pets.’ Been through it all…fish, dogs, etc.

If you ever speak or meet with me, make sure you ask me about … how many times I’ve almost been struck by lightning.


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