Time for a deep breath and a well-deserved nap. Tax season is finally coming to an end. But after you take a little time to decompress, it’s time to consider your next move. Contract accounting jobs can provide the perfect fit once the busy season ends.

Let’s face it: tax season can be brutal. For almost four months, you’ve faced a grueling work schedule and high-stakes deadlines. In fact, some estimates suggest that an accountant can work up to 80 hours a week during tax season.

As this pressure winds down, you’ll need to plan the rest of the year. How can you move your career forward while leaving yourself prepared for next year’s tax season? Contract accounting jobs provide the answer.

4 Reasons to Consider Contract Accounting Positions

Keep Your Career Momentum Going

Surviving the seasonal tax crunch can feel like an accomplishment. You’ve earned a chance to take it easy. However, a prolonged lull can sap your career momentum.

When the busy season ends, it provides an opportunity. You have a chance to augment your career development, without the time pressure that comes with the tax-related rush. Make sure you get the most out of the comparatively leisurely pace.

A contract accounting job gives you an excellent opportunity to earn additional income. At the same time, you can leverage this time to set yourself up for an even more rewarding tax season next time around.

Protect Your Flexibility

The cycle will continue. As sure as spring follows winter, eventually the busy season will return. Your attention will become focused on the tax rush once again. You don’t want other responsibilities to worry about.

A contract accounting position lets you protect your flexibility. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment. As such, you’ll remain free to jump back into tax preparation when the time comes.

Fill Out Your Resume and Learn New Skills

A diverse resume will get you ready for the future. The tax season doesn’t allow much breathing room. It’s about the application of your core skills.

But once you get clear of those deadlines, you can expand your horizons a bit. You have more time to learn and to explore. You can venture into different roles and sample some of the other possibilities the accounting profession has to offer.

Contract assignments let you take this journey. You can master fresh skills and build out your resume. As you add valuable bullet points to your work history, you open the door to other job prospects in the future.

Make New Contacts

Long-term career development requires networking. This is difficult when you have your nose buried in tax forms. The slower season gives you a chance to branch out and meet new people.

Contract positions offer an excellent opportunity to achieve this goal. You can jump into new environments and meet new people. These short-term assignments let you build out your network and set you up for future jobs.

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