Giant companies dominate most fields. Apple. Amazon. Google. However, the staffing industry retains a thriving local dimension. This comes about because working with a local provider can offer significant upsides for job seekers compared to the national alternatives.

Of course, the staffing industry has its share of large national (and even international) players. For instance, the top five staffing agencies together represent about 15% of the business. Meanwhile, a company like Randstad, one of the largest recruiters in the world, has almost 5,000 branches spread around 38 countries.

These numbers can seem impressive. However, it’s important to realize that there are about 25,000 staffing agencies in the U.S., with a total of around 49,000 locations among them. That means that the average number of branches per staffing industry sits below two.

With the reach of the large national chains, why do local staffing firms remain so popular? Here are some of the benefits you can receive from these more concentrated recruiting partners:

The Value of Working with a LOCAL Staffing Firm

Relationships with Local Employers

Large national recruiters tend to work with large national employers. This gives them a broad reach. However, this dynamic doesn’t allow them to go very deep in any one geographical area.

A local staffing firm will have connections with employers of all sizes. From the giants in your area to the tiny startups just beginning to build their core teams, you’ll have access to a broad range of players.

Better Market Information

A national recruiter might have spreadsheets full of statistics on the current state of the national economy and the broad labor market. These can provide useful information. However, they can also paint a distorted picture.

Different areas are affected differently by macro changes in the economy. To understand how trends will impact your employment prospects, you need to drill down. In other words, you need a more local perspective.

For example, in June 2022, the U.S. employment rate sat at 3.6%. However, this encompassed a wide range based on local conditions. In Minnesota, the jobless rate sat at 1.8% — the best reading in the country. In New Mexico, the state with the highest unemployment reading, the figure sat at 4.9%.

Those stats mean that joblessness was almost 2.5 times worse in the Land of Enchantment compared to North Star State. Given that information, a job seeker in Albuquerque should expect different market conditions than one in Minneapolis. A local recruiter will have that fine-tuned perspective, providing additional value to candidates.

More Personal Connection

A national chain might have local offices. Still, they operate from a national perspective, with policies and communication techniques tailored to their massive scale.

Think about it in terms of restaurants. The experience of going to McDonald’s is markedly different from ordering a hamburger from your corner diner. As such, you can expect a more close connection to a firm with local roots than one managed from a distant headquarters.

Increased Accountability

Local staffing firms are part of the community. The owners make their living by forming lasting bonds with employers and developing long-term relationships with candidates. As such, their best interests are advanced by maintaining ongoing communication and providing high levels of service.

These factors fuel an increased level of accountability. You’ll never get shoved aside or ignored. A local provider will be there to answer your questions and customize their response to your specific needs.

Looking to Build a Relationship with a Local Agency?

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