Anyone with a terrible job would love a time machine. They dream of going back to a point before they accepted that ill-fated job offer. But what would they do differently? They could start by asking better questions at the job interview.

Sad to say, but people often end up taking the wrong job. This can put you into a career cul-de-sac – one that can often take years to escape. One study showed that almost a third of workers (30%) toil in their current positions just “to get by.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

How can you find something better? How can you make sure that you find the perfect fit for a potential job? Forget the time machine. Focus on the interview.

Here are a few interview tips to make sure a company is the right fit for you:

Seven Interview Tips To Make Sure The Company Is Right For You

Know What You Want from a Job

To rate a company properly, you need to have a benchmark. This process involves understanding your own needs.

Make a list of what you want from an employer. Then, you can see if the company you’re interviewing for stacks up to your expectations.

Learn as Much as You Can Before the Interview

You’ll only get a limited amount of time during the interview to find out everything you need to know. Don’t waste those precious moments on topics you can research elsewhere. Find out as much as possible before heading into the meeting.

Not only can you focus on the most crucial topics, but your research will also let you create better questions.

Create a Checklist

Make a formal process out of rating the company. Formulate a checklist with all your requirements and mark them off as you go. This will help target your research. At the same time, it will give you an easy comparison guide once all your interviews are complete.

Keep a Two-Way Mindset

There’s an information transfer that takes place during an interview. Make sure it moves in both directions.

You want to answer your interviewers’ questions fully and sell yourself as an ideal employee. At the same time, you want to gather as much data as possible. That way, you can make an intelligent decision if an offer comes.

Take Notes

Don’t count on your memory or your general impressions. Take detailed notes during your discussion. This will let you compare companies and help you recall all the specifics.

Ask Targeted Questions

Go into your conversation with specific questions you’d like answered. If the topic comes up during the interview, find out the information you need at that time. For anything else, you’ll usually get a chance to pose some questions at the end of the discussion.

Follow Up After the Interview

If you missed something during the interview, feel free to gather further information after the fact. Stay in contact with the company. Don’t get pushy with your follow-up questions, but use them to keep the conversation going and fill in details you might have missed.

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