Are you finally finished with school? Ready to take your newly minted degree into the workforce? Contract work provides a great way to launch your career.

Coming out of the educational process, most recent graduates have visions of landing a full-time staff position at a prestigious company. However, that doesn’t describe the economic realities.

Contract work has become a significant part of the job market. More than 16 million Americans earn at least part of their incomes through temporary or contract work each year. Government statistics show that nearly 7% of the workforce consists of independent contractors.

You can take advantage of this trend. As a recent graduate, you can boost your early career by leveraging contract work to open up opportunities.

What Recent Graduates Should Know About Contract Work

What Is Contract Work?

Contract work involves working for a company in a limited capacity. You don’t become an official employee. Instead, you contribute on a freelance basis.

The details of these arrangements vary from situation to situation. Sometimes, companies will bring on contractors for specific projects or for a limited time. You can work on a full-time basis or for a limited number of hours.

Some contract assignments become indefinite. You work with the company, often collaborating with their full-time staff. Still, you don’t officially become employed at the firm.

Why Do Companies Turn to Contractors?

Companies like the contractor set up because it’s often cheaper and it requires less commitment. Contractors usually aren’t eligible for benefits. The firm also isn’t responsible for some of the taxes involved in a regular employee.

At the same time, firms don’t have to make a long-term commitment to a worker. As with a temp, they can utilize the contractor’s skills for a particular project or during a time of need. But they don’t have to worry about becoming overstaffed if conditions change.

Why Is Contract Work Perfect for Recent Graduates?

These conditions may seem like they completely favor the employer. But, in reality, that depends on the situation.

Many workers prefer to become full-time regular employees. The stability and possibility for benefits appeal to them.

Still, there are exceptions to this. Recent graduates provide an especially obvious example. For various reasons, they can take advantage of a contract situation better than many older workers.

As a new entry into the workforce, you can benefit from some of the unique aspects that come with contract work:

Build Your Resume

Coming out of college, you likely lack an extensive work history. Contract gigs can help you build that background.

Learn New Skills

Sure, you’ve internalized a lot of book learning in college. But you still might come up short in terms of practical skills. Contract work gives you an excellent opportunity to pick up those abilities.

Expand Your Network

Networking is key to long-term career development. Contracting lets you work with lots of new people in a short period of time. It’s a great way to jumpstart your list of professional contacts.

Introduce Yourself to Employers

Companies often use contractors as a talent pipeline. Do an excellent job on a contract assignment, and you could become a full-time employee down the line.

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