In the new reality of the job market, you need to be ready for virtual interviews and remote work. Mastering these skills will help you push your marketing career forward.

COVID changed the economic landscape. Many of those alterations have begun to recede along with the end of pandemic restrictions. However, others will likely prove permanent.

One study found that two-thirds of hiring managers expected to continue using virtual techniques during the recruiting and onboarding process. That’s down from the nearly nine out of 10 who used remote tools at the height of the pandemic. Still, it represents a large part of the available job market.

To be ready for this reality, here are some techniques to stay prepared for remote interviews and virtual work structures:

Preparing for Professional Remote and Virtual Work Situations

Master the Art of the Remote Interview

In many ways, a remote interview resembles the in-person version. However, there are subtle differences. Master the intricacies of the modern form of communication to get ahead in the new economy.

From body language to “eye contact,” you need to project the right demeanor in the conversation. At the same time, succeeding in a virtual interview requires some tech acumen. To prepare for these crucial discussions, practice your performance, maximizing the chances that you will be ready when it is time to talk to a prospective employer.

Research the Market

Prior to the pandemic, remote job interviews (and remote jobs in general) were relatively rare. During the pandemic, they became common. However, with COVID restrictions now largely a thing of the past, each company is dealing with the change differently.

As a job seeker, that means you need to navigate a confusing market. This dynamic will put additional weight on your ability to research. By learning as much as possible about the market and individual companies, you’ll get the edge you need to find the ideal marketing job for you.

Target Your Ideal Roles

Once you’ve thoroughly researched the current market situation, you can begin to allocate your time and energy effectively. Just as employers sift through a large number of resumes to focus on a handful of top candidates, you want to use a similar process when organizing your job search.

  • Define your dream job: Know exactly what you are looking for. You might not find the perfect situation, but a good understanding of your ideal role will let you get as close as possible.
  • Go beyond the giant job posting sites: Supplement the large, general job sites with services targeting specific niches. You can find more focused opportunities on narrowband sites.
  • Target specific companies: Discover employers that you admire and reach out to them directly. Even if they don’t have roles available at the moment, you can begin to build a relationship.

Update Your Resume

Given the new market dynamics, it might be time to upgrade your resume. Generally speaking, you should regularly update your work history as you add new experiences. Beyond this routine freshening up, you should also review whether your job-search document requires an overhaul. An upgrade might be necessary to better approach opportunities in the current market.

The new focus on remote work has brought different skills to the forefront. As such, your resume should effectively highlight your abilities. This includes specific information on your experience operating virtually. At the same time, you might want to spotlight some key soft skills, like:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Self-motivation
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability

Broaden Your Network

Virtual opportunities open up the horizons of your career. The ability to interview and work remotely means old-fashioned geographic limitations don’t need to restrain your career. Given the wider possibilities of the modern economy, is your professional network expansive enough?

Broaden the list of people in your web of contacts. Use LinkedIn and other social media sites to expand your reach beyond your immediate area. This way, you can take advantage of the value the remote economy provides.

Looking for Guidance and Support with Your Career Development?

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