Hopefully, the long nightmare is almost over. In Florida and in much of the rest of the country, businesses are emerging from their COVID cocoons. Remote workers are preparing to transition back to the office.

Have you done enough to get ready?

It’s a tricky topic. You’ve been waiting all this time to return to the office. But, at the same time, you’ve gotten used to the remote lifestyle. Meanwhile, you might still have some lingering safety concerns surrounding the COVID situation.

Juggling these factors can cause stress and complicate the switch back to normalcy. But there are steps you can take. Here are three tips for previously remote workers in Florida and elsewhere:

Three Tips to Make Going Back to The Office Easier

Stay Informed

The COVID situation changes quickly. In one moment, the pandemic seems to be ending. Seemingly in the next moment, we start to hear warnings about another spike.

As you get ready for a return to the office, stay as informed as possible. Keep up with the news related to COVID. In particular, remain up-to-date about your local conditions. Know what’s happening in your community and how best to protect yourself.

Expect a Transition Period

We think of going back to the office as “returning to normal.” You’re just turning back the clock to early 2020 and picking up where you left off. In that case, it should represent an easy transition, right?

Not quite. A lot has happened since you turned to remote working. You’ll have to get used to new schedules and a new set of circumstances.

Some of these will be logistical in nature. You’ve grown accustomed to a home-based schedule. You’ll need to consider things like childcare and transportation. Make sure you think about these details before you jump back into office-bound work.

Don’t forget the psychological component as well. The pandemic has been traumatic for everyone. Expect some stress related to the return to an office schedule.

Talk to Your Supervisors and Coworkers

You aren’t going through a unique experience. As workplaces open up, most remote employees will have similar struggles. You can relieve some of the anxiety through communication.

Use your supervisors and coworkers as a resource. Talk to them about the process of returning to the office. You’ll learn practical tips, feel better about the transition, and get to know your fellow team members better.

Also, anticipate some bumps in the road. As everyone turns off their home workstations and comes back to the old way of doing things, you’ll likely run into unexpected issues and unintended conflicts. You can iron these out by talking to those around you. (This includes discussing the process with your family as well.)

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