Looking to jumpstart your career? A staffing agency can make that possible. A top recruiter, like Hiregy, can accelerate your job search, find you better opportunities, and open up your long-term horizons.

No wonder staffing firms have become a crucial part of the modern economy. According to the American Staffing Association, about three million U.S. workers operate through staffing companies each week. For the full year, the total reaches 16 million.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this trend yet, it’s time to look into it. You’ll receive the benefits of expert knowledge, deep connections in your industry, and a time-tested method of connecting job seekers with the right employers.

Need more details? Here’s some of the value you’ll receive from working with a staffing agency like Hiregy:

Why You Should Further Look into Working with a Staffing Agency Like Hiregy Today

Land Jobs Faster

Staffing firms have well-honed procedures for matching candidates with ideal jobs. As such, they can significantly cut your time-to-hire wait. In many cases, they have opportunities immediately available. This minimizes your downtime and gets you into a new position quickly.

Find Better Jobs

A recruiter upgrades your job search on multiple fronts at once. Not only will you find something fast, but you’ll also raise your chances of achieving a better result. Deep connections with top employers and an efficient process mean you can get closer to your dream job.

Get Access to Unpublished Open Positions

Companies don’t always turn to public job postings to fill their open positions. In fact, most jobs are filled through other means. A recruiter can tap into these opportunities, giving you access to roles you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.

Learn About High-Value Employers

In a traditional job search, you don’t have much data about a potential employer when you start the application process. You need to rely on their public-facing materials, such as their website and social media feeds. Obviously, this gives a weighted picture of the company.

A recruiter can provide additional details. By working closely with various employers, Hiregy can steer you towards firms that perfectly fit your needs and background.

Gain Insights about the Job Market

Beyond individual companies, a recruiter can provide detailed information about the broader job market. This data can help you target your job search. You’ll also get insights that will help you shape your approach, getting direction in areas like:

  • Identifying your most marketable qualities
  • Understanding your deficits as a candidate
  • Fine-tuning your resume and cover letter
  • Improving your interview skills

Understand Your Industry Better

A recruiter can pair high-value information about the general job market with specific data about your industry. This intelligence can let you find the best employer for you — not just for your next job, but for your longer-term career as well.

Revamp Your Career

Jumping back into the job market after an absence? A recruiter can provide an excellent bridge back into your professional life. Hiregy can find you the ideal position to reignite your career.

Looking to Make The Most Out of Your Job Search?

Ready to get the most out of your next job search? Hiregy can provide the support and guidance you need to maximize your opportunities.

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