Great interview preparation advice is great interview preparation advice, whether it comes from an expert in the field or, as in the case in this video below, a team of YouTube puppets.

In this video, Mario and Fafa the Groundhog from the YouTube channel Glove and Boots illustrate how to properly prepare for your next interview. Well, Fafa tells us how, and Mario runs around making all the mistakes we hope you never make when going into an interview, like using crayon to write your resume or neglecting to wear a shirt.

Within all the puppet related antics are some great interview tips, such as following 4 B’s:

Be Clean – Kind of obvious, but very important. Take a shower and freshen up.

Be Well Dressed – Wear appropriate, professional clothing.

Be on Time – Leave your house early enough to account for any delays. Aim to arrive 15 minutes early.

Be Polite – Start the interview with a solid handshake, listen intently, don’t interrupt, and say thank you when the interview is done. Make sure to follow up with a thank you letter the next day.

I’d throw in a fifth B to that list, and that is Be Knowledgeable. Do your homework and research the company you are applying to. You can find most of what you need to know through the company’s website or a simple google search.

Fafa also touches on resumes, advising that you keep it simple and include your background info, experience and skills. Keep it simple means not including every job that you have ever had. For instance, if you are applying for an accounting job, you probably can remove your experience as a stock clerk at a grocery store when you were in high school. Leaving that off will give you space on your resume for more important information.

Enjoy the video!

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