Remote working has become a popular part of the professional landscape. Most employees want at least a portion of their schedules to involve at-home operations. However, there are benefits of an onsite position. Could your career get a boost from returning to the office?

A study conducted in 2021 found that about nine out of 10 employees preferred a schedule that included remote work. However, even within this group, the majority (54%) listed a hybrid model as their ideal — only just over a third (37%) wanted an exclusively remote situation.

So, even among those who wanted work-from-home options, the value of in-office options remained clear. As you weigh the pros and cons of various schedules, here are some upsides from onsite positions that you should consider:

Why an Onsite Position Can Be Right for You

Casual Collaboration Becomes More Likely

With the rise of online communication products, remote collaboration has become significantly easier. However, there’s still something different about sharing a physical space with a coworker. Offhand remarks or unexpected discussions can spark new ideas. These benefits of an onsite position let you get the most out of those around you.

Create Tighter Bonds with Your Coworkers

Beyond the collaboration benefits, closer contact with your coworkers leads to stronger personal relationships. This has a multiplying effect on your ability to work together. Nurturing trust and familiarity opens up even more possibilities for innovation and productivity.

However, there is an emotional aspect to keep in mind as well. Working in the same physical space as your colleagues lets you build long-term friendships. Even just looking at this from a career-building standpoint, you’ll enjoy your current job more and have more networking opportunities over time.

Nurture a Deeper Connection with the Company’s Culture

Culture is sometimes hard to deliver in a remote environment. Internalizing your company’s values becomes much easier when you work in close contact with those around you. As a result, you’ll be more in tune with your employer’s overarching vision, connecting you closer to the firm.

Easier Opportunities to Get Noticed

Yes, an onsite position lets you build stronger bonds with your coworkers. But that’s not the only relationship-building that gets easier when you operate in person. You can also foster tighter connections with your supervisors.

Remote work can become anonymous at times. You exist as a name and an avatar, making it harder for your supervisors to differentiate you from the rest of your team members. It’s easier to stand out with an onsite position.

Tap into Increased Productivity Potential

Remote-working environments aren’t always conducive to peak productivity. Increased distractions and a lack of resources can alter your focus and create bottlenecks. This means you can’t always get as much done as you’d like when you operate outside of the office.

An onsite position can fix these issues. You’ll have the conditions and support necessary to maximize your output.

Develop a Better Work/Life Balance

Often, remote operations can create a hazy line between life and work. An onsite position offers a sharper distinction. It’s easier to separate the office from home, a contrast that can give you more quality time with your friends and family.

Looking to Find an Onsite Opportunity Built for You?

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