One of our job candidates was celebrating his 9-year anniversary with his employer when the company pulled the plug. “It’s nothing you’ve done, we’ve just decided to re-evaluate our business model,” they told him. You may have been there. Or given the current impact of the coronavirus on our economy, you may be there now. The fact is, most of us find ourselves looking for a job unexpectedly at some time in our lives.

Here are a few things we’ve learned through experience about this situation. We hope you find them helpful.


Get noticed and hired


  • It’s ok to feel your emotions. You’re bound to feel angry, hurt, disappointed, frustrated, used … and many other emotions.  This is natural. Feel them. And then move on. You can’t control your company, but you can control your next steps. Start to take action on the things you can control.
  • Ask for help. Take your resume to a knowledgeable friend or a recruiter. Get feedback on which parts of it shine and which need more work. Brainstorm potentials jobs and employers that might benefit from your skills and experience.
  • Network. It shouldn’t be a secret that you’re in the job market. Tell anyone who asks. Bring it up in conversations. Use LinkedIn. Spread the word among friends and relatives. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do. If people don’t know you’re looking, they can’t help you.
  • Keep an open mind. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into the industry you came from. You’ve learned a lot of business lessons and have lots of experiences to draw from if you join a new industry. Plus, working in a new industry can spark ideas and enthusiasm that may have fizzled in your last role.
  • Work with a staffing agency. There are a lot of jobs that aren’t posted on LinkedIn and job boards. Recruiting and staffing agencies can help you find these opportunities — some might not even be posted yet. If you’ve been successful in what you’ve been doing, you’ll be a valuable team player at your next job. The Hiregy team would love to lend a hand and learn more about what you’re looking for.

The only sure thing in business is change. Embrace it. If the road feels rocky now, remember that there is a safe landing ahead, possibly in a place that you haven’t yet dreamed of. We wish you the best on your journey.

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