You’re not getting that dream job unless you have the right hard skills and the specific qualifications needed for the role. However, there’s more to the story. You’re also probably not landing that position without a strong collection of soft skills as well.

The term refers to abilities that can apply to almost any potential job. They exist as broader talents, transferable no matter which industry or career path you choose. The right mix of these will let you stand out at your next interview, setting you up for success in any position.

One study found that more than nine out of 10 hiring leaders (93%) described these capabilities as “essential” to their recruiting choices. As such, it’s important to cultivate these skills and find ways to make them shine through in an interview. With that in mind, here are the soft skills that will let you stand out most:

Soft Skills That Can Help You Stand Out in Your Next Interview


No matter what your role, your capacity to communicate with others will greatly impact your ability to excel at the job. Whether it’s coworkers, managers, or customers, it’s crucial to show that you can talk to others.


Communication is just one of the skills you need to become a strong collaborator. In addition, showcase your other teamwork talents. As part of this, highlight your ability to add to team chemistry and contribute to a group effort.


Employers don’t want mindless drones who will monotonously fulfill rote tasks. Rather, they want innovators, people who will bring creativity to their roles. As such, show how you’ve delivered imagination and inspiration at the previous stops in your career.


Teamwork represents a crucial ability. However, someone has to lead those groups. Employers are constantly looking for people who can manage others and direct activity in the most productive way possible. Highlight times when you’ve taken on those kinds of responsibilities.

Work Ethic

Talent isn’t enough. You have to apply those inherent abilities to reach your full potential. That’s why employers target candidates who can demonstrate a strong work ethic. They want team members who will show up every day, operate aggressively, and stay engaged over the long haul.

Calm Under Pressure

Things don’t always go smoothly. How will you react when technology fails during a big presentation? What if a major client demands a substantial change at the last minute? Prove that you can stay calm and collected under the worst circumstances, making you a potential go-to fixer if things turn sour.

Growth Potential

Don’t just sell your value as an immediate addition to the company. In addition, show what you can deliver over the long term. Stress your ability to learn new skills and upgrade your output over time.

Problem Solving

An employer needs to know you can handle an unexpected emergency. Indicate times in the past when you’ve had to improvise under pressure. This will highlight your problem-solving skills and significantly improve your chances to get hired.


Share experiences where previous employers have shown you trust. Underline how well you’ve performed in these scenarios. Knowing they can rely on you and put you in crucial positions will significantly increase an employer’s desire to hire you.


An employer doesn’t want to work hard to keep you engaged. Rather, they strive to find self-starters — the kind of team members who can keep their engines running at a high pace without significant oversight.

Want to Best Showcase Your Value in Your Next Interview?

If you have an impressive set of soft skills, you can thrive almost anywhere. The key is discovering the best situation to show off your talents. A top recruiter, like Hiregy, can find the perfect employer to bring out the best in you.

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