The workplace has become very competitive in Florida. To keep your career moving, you need to stand out from the pack. That involves discovering – and mastering – the skills that employers value most.

In October, Florida’s unemployment reached a miniscule 2.7%. That fact points to continued strength in the job market, despite some signs of potential economic uncertainty on the horizon.

Still, even with the low jobless rate, competition for the best positions remains fierce. You’ll need every advantage to grab your dream positions. With that in mind, here are the abilities you need in the workplace to stand out from your fellow Floridians:

Skills That Can Help You Shine Against the Competition


Nobody operates in a bubble. Whatever job you get, you’ll need to have strong communication skills. A robust ability to connect with various groups (such as coworkers, management, and customers) will give you an edge over other candidates.

These skills have become even more necessary in a post-COVID world. With the rise of remote working, employers are looking for workers who can keep up productive communication in a wide variety of situations.


Almost any profession involves dealing with technology. What’s more, these tools are constantly changing, becoming more advanced as tech pushes to new heights. Show that you’re able to keep up with the cutting edge by honing your ability to operate the latest technology.

Problem Solving

Things won’t always go smoothly. Are you able to handle things when unexpected challenges arise? Staying calm under pressure and delivering innovative solutions make you a valuable addition to any company.


Most great employers distinguish themselves by remaining nimble. They want to react to changes in the market and make the most of every opportunity. As part of this, they want employees who can do the same. Make yourself an in-demand team member by showcasing your ability to adapt to evolving circumstances.

Attention to Detail

The small things matter. Any task involves reaching a certain level of precision. You’ll impress employers by exhibiting the ability to drill down on the details. This way, they can trust your accuracy and reliability.


Staying productive often means a high level of organization. Demonstrate that you can structure your workflow in an efficient way. Employers see this as a sign that you can avoid mistakes and eliminate wasted time.


How much oversight do you require? From an employer’s point of view, the less supervision you need, the better it is for them. As such, a clear track record of staying engaged will give you an edge over the competition.

At the same time, highlight times you’ve taken on additional responsibilities. A desire to attack new challenges will make you a more valuable employee.


Even when you apply for an entry-level position, employers are weighing your potential as a leader. They will gravitate towards candidates who can grow along with the company. As such, transparent abilities in this area will raise your chances of getting any job, even if it doesn’t specifically involve management responsibilities.

Want a Position That Can Showcase Your Best Skills?

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