How long should you wait before accepting a job offer? About a millisecond if it’s your dream job. But what if it’s not? We all know that the stars do not always align perfectly. Sometimes you need time to think about an offer.

Maybe you interviewed somewhere else and are waiting to hear about a potential offer. Or, maybe the pay isn’t exactly what you wanted, but the benefits are great. Maybe the commute is far, but the company has an on-site gym, so you could beat traffic by arriving early and hit the treadmill every morning.  All of these are examples of the complexity of considering a job offer.

The good news it that it’s okay to take a little time before accepting. But how much time? With our experience handling staffing needs for our Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Orlando clients, no more than 24 hours after you’ve had your offer-related questions answered. Why?

  • You were not the only person who interviewed for the job, but the hiring manager liked you the best and wants to get you onboard.
  • In their mind, if you really wanted the position, you would accept within a day or two.
  • There were probably other candidates the hiring manager liked as well, and if you cannot commit, the hiring manager wants to make sure those other people are still available.
  • A delayed response increases the likelihood that they may lose both you and the second place candidate.
  • The hiring process can be a lengthy affair, and once a great candidate is found, hiring managers want to finish that process.

Another important thing to remember is not to let too much time go by without contacting the hiring manager, even if you are still weighing your decision. Send an email asking a clarifying question about the offer, give an update on your thought process, or, at the very least, ask politely for more time. Letting days go by without any form of contact sends a poor message about your dependability and may make the hiring manager rethink their choice.

Fortunately, by doing your research and asking the right questions ahead of time, you should know your decision about a position, one way or the other, before you get the offer.

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