Searching for a job when you’re unemployed is a stressful task. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better when you have a secure position. Sure, you don’t have the constant worry about where you’ll score your next paycheck. But a host of other challenges come up.

At least you’re not alone. One study found that nearly half the workforce (48%) is likely going to search for a new job during the next year. So, if you’re looking for a new gig, you’re probably not the only one. Half your office could be searching with you.

Still, the process can be complicated. You need to take the special circumstances into account as you go about the process.

Ten Tips For Finding a New Job Before Quitting Your Current One

Don’t Wait for Trouble

Making a career is about constant motion. You don’t want to get stuck in the same role for long stretches of time. Meanwhile, you similarly don’t want to end up at a stagnant company – one that could lay you off at any moment.

To avoid both these outcomes, constantly look for new opportunities. If you aren’t finding them with your current employer, don’t hesitate to look around.

Figure Out What You Want

Before you attempt to switch jobs, think about what you want. Layout your career ambitions and how best to achieve them. This way, you can target a new job that will have the biggest impact over the long term.

Assess Your Skills

What can you offer a new employer? Take a hard look at your skills and background. This will help you prepare your resume and ace interviews, once they come up.

Don’t Blab about Your Search

Keep your job search quiet. You could jeopardize your current position if management finds out you plan to leave. Definitely don’t talk to your boss. And even trusted coworkers could accidentally spill your secret.

Update Your Job-Search Tools

When was the last time you looked at your resume or your LinkedIn page? These might not have your most updated list of skills. Perfecting these items should represent the first concrete step along your journey to a new job.

Hunt on Your Own Time

Don’t look for a job on company time. Rather, give your 9-to-5 commitment your typical level of effort. Then, after work, you can devote yourself to searching for new opportunities.

Know Who To Trust

Your chances of getting a new position increase if you use your network and compile a great set of references. But remember: you’re trying to keep this process a secret. That fact can lead to an uncomfortable situation.

You can still tap into your network. You just have to be selective about your choices. Don’t talk to anyone you can’t trust and avoid any public declarations.

Think about How to Describe Your Current Job

Even though you want to jump ship, you should think about your current position in the best possible light. You’ll have to answer interview questions like “why have you decided to change jobs?” You want your answer to help you land your next opportunity, not become an excuse to vent your frustrations.

Don’t Assume You’ll Find Something

One of the benefits of searching for a job when you already have a position is a sense of security. You have a safety net. If your job search doesn’t work out, you still have a paycheck coming.

Don’t undermine this advantage. By flaunting your job search or letting your performance slip, you risk your current situation. Stay engaged in your position and assume you’ll have to remain in place for the foreseeable future.

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