Planning on looking for a new job in Florida during 2022? Then you’ll need to understand the realities of the modern recruiting landscape. Your resume will likely run through a machine-reading process — meaning you’ll have to include the right keywords to get noticed by top employers.

But how do you know the right keywords to use? This guide will give you the foundation you need to craft the perfect resume to compete in Florida’s competitive job market.

Preparing for the Florida Job Market in 2022

Like the national economy, the business situation in Florida has heated up since the post-pandemic reopening. The Sunshine State has kept up with the overall U.S. figures.

In October, the Florida unemployment rate sat at 4.6%. The overall U.S. economy would show the same number for the month.

These statistics remain well above the jobless rate shown in pre-COVID days. After all, Florida’s unemployment figure sat below 4% from the end of 2017 until the pandemic caused a cratering of the labor market.

Still, the labor market has returned to near-normal levels, with signs that further improvement could happen as the economy expands. If you want to compete in the Florida labor market, you need to master the art of using keywords in your resume.

Discovering the Right Keywords

The precise keywords you should include on your resume will vary according to industry and specific job title. You’ll want to customize your document to fit the particular situation. The more exact you can be to an employer’s expectations, the more likely your keywords will pay off.

This is necessary because employers have turned to automated resume readers. These programs use computers to make the first cut when they receive a flood of applicants for open positions. The software, called an applicant tracking system, or ATS, mean you need to tailor your resume to the AI functionality.

Here are some steps to take to maximize your application:

  • Research trending terms in your industry
  • Review the specific company’s website and social media feeds
  • Include keywords listed in the job description

Resume Keywords That Will Get You Hired in 2022

Your research will tell you the specific keywords to add to your resume. However, there are certain categories that require your attention. Make sure you touch on each of these types of keywords:

  • Job Titles: Make sure you include relevant titles and descriptions for your previous positions.
  • Degrees and Professional Certifications: List all your educational achievements and professional affiliations.
  • Hard Skills: The job description will let you know what capabilities are necessary to do the job. Make sure these get listed on your resume.
  • Soft Skills: Expand your abilities list with more general skills — things like leadership, communication and teamwork.
  • Tech Competencies: What software and hardware have you mastered? Name-check these items as well.
  • Remote Working Experience: In Florida’s post-pandemic economy, the ability to work remotely will be more prized than ever. Touch on your experience in this key area.

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