Looking for a new job in Florida? You’ll have plenty of positions to choose from. But you’ll still have to distinguish yourself from the competition if you want to land the best positions. That means figuring out how to present yourself as an exceptional candidate.

Like much of the country, Florida has seen an upswing in the job market lately. In August, the state reported that it had added nearly 378,000 new jobs compared to the same time last year. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate sat at 5%.

This being Florida, a good chunk of those jobs came in the leisure and hospitality industry. However, the additions also saw tens of thousands of positions in such diverse areas as finance, education and health services, and professional and business services.

To grab these opportunities, you have to put your best foot forward. With that in mind, here are ways you can present yourself as an exceptional candidate to potential employers in Florida:

Seven Tips to Stand Out From Other Florida Applicants

Hone Your Networking Skills

You know the best way for a potential employer to know you’re exceptional? Have someone they trust tell them that fact. Networking allows you to get help from connections that can speak to your skills and character. By becoming an excellent networker, you can skip the line and connect directly with decision-makers.

Perfect Your Resume

You won’t have a networking connection to every potential employer. In those cases, your resume will act as your first introduction. Make sure it provides the best presentation of your abilities and background.

Use Your Cover Letter

Yes, people actually read cover letters. In fact, these crucial documents can often make the difference between getting an interview and becoming just another resume in a file. Leverage your cover letter to add details to your background and to make a pitch about why you’re an exceptional candidate.

Emphasize Your Skill Stack

You might not have a unique skill to highlight. However, you probably have a rare mixture of abilities that will set you apart from other candidates. Look for points of differentiation between you and the average job applicant.

Create a Brand

A resume and a cover letter provide only the first steps in sharing your story with a potential employer. Use other platforms to enhance your perceived value as well.

Start simple with a killer LinkedIn page. Build on that with additional online content. Turn to other social media platforms to highlight your professional accomplishments.

Improve Your Interview Chops

A stellar resume, a unique cover letter, and an impressive online presence can go a long way in showing a potential employer that you’ll make an exceptional addition to their team. However, you still have to shine in the interview.

If you can’t make your pitch in person (or at least during a remote discussion), you’ll never land the job. As such, take the steps necessary to upgrade your interview potential. These could include:

  • Prepare Answers to Typical Interview Questions
  • Practice Your Responses with Friends or Family
  • Consider How You’ll Dress
  • Conduct Adequate Research about the Company

Line Up Killer References

Even after the interview, there are steps you can take. Your references can put you over the top. Recruit a top set of former supervisors and coworkers to showcase your best qualities.

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