How to Find a Hybrid Job With Work-From-Home Flexibility     

Remote opportunities have become dramatically more common since COVID. However, you still need to hone your job search to find the right match for your work-from-home expectations. Finding the ideal level of flexibility will increase your job satisfaction and set you up for significant career development.

One study found that just 39% of employers were requiring full-time in-office attendance since the pandemic. As a result, you have broad opportunities to find a hybrid situation that suits you. The trick is finding the ideal match for you.

With that in mind, here are some tips to find a hybrid job that offers the work-from-home flexibility you need:

Ways to help discover jobs with work-from-home flexibility

Get Ready for Hybrid Work

Before you start searching for a job that includes a large work-from-home component, make sure that structure makes a good fit for you. At the same time, realize that employers will want to ensure that you remain productive and engaged while working from home. As such, they might quiz you on your remote-working habits.

Here are a few factors to consider as begin looking for a hybrid job:

  • Limit distractions: Set aside an area of your home as a workspace. Try to limit the encroachment of distractions, like neighbors, roommates, spouses, children, and pets.
  • Tech requirements: Make sure you have the equipment necessary and adequate internet capacity to support remote work
  • Remote experience: Update your resume to include any work-from-home experience you’ve had.

Search Job Postings

As you conduct your usual job search, make hybrid work one of your priorities. Scan job postings for mentions of remote options. When companies highlight work-at-home possibilities, give these opportunities higher priority.

At the same time, continue to inquire about the availability of hybrid schedules as you proceed through the hiring process. It’s up to you whether remote options have become a “must-have” for you. But either way, bringing up the subject will let employers know your preference and will bring you the details you need to make an informed decision.

Ask Your Network

Most jobs don’t come through cold-contacting companies or scanning job postings. Rather, your best bet is to have personal connections. Some data suggest that up to 85% of positions come through networking.

As such, this should represent a top priority in your job-search process. When you’re looking for a job with hybrid options, contact people who could direct you to a potential opening.

This could mean anyone — from friends and relatives to former coworkers to one-time employers. You can also reach out to acquaintances on social media — you never know who can tip you to an open position that has the perfect remote options for you.

Seek Out Particular Companies

Instead of waiting for companies with strong hybrid programs to post a job, seek out these potential high-value employers. Research the industry to discover companies that offer the kind of schedule you prefer. Then, target these specific companies with job inquiries.

In many cases, you might unearth unpublished job opportunities. But even if the firm isn’t hiring at the moment, you can begin building a relationship with their HR staff. This could lead to a position in the future.

Use a Staffing Firm

Expert guidance can direct you to the perfect employer. A staffing firm will have relationships with a wide variety of companies, including those that offer hybrid positions.

A top recruiter, like Hiregy, won’t just find an employer offering hybrid schedules. Using their connections and expertise, you can find the ideal spot for your background and skills.

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