It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed, especially as you balance a thriving career with a busy home life. In fact, almost three out of every four people (74%) report feeling overwhelmed at one point or another.

Even though this represents a widespread issue, many employees refuse to talk openly about stress. This reluctance especially extends to the main person who could actually help you relieve the problem: leaders at your company.

Another data set showed that a majority of workers (54%) say they felt uncomfortable about discussing mental health with those higher on the corporate ladder. Meanwhile, almost a third of people (30%) feared that revealing mental health concerns could cost them their jobs.

Don’t feel restricted by these concerns. (If you work for a company that would fire you for discussing mental health, it’s probably time for a new job anyway.) Instead, feel empowered to talk to your company’s leadership about the fact that you feel overwhelmed. That way, you can achieve a more sustainable workload and reach your long-term potential.

Here’s How to Bring it Up to Leadership:

Don’t Wait for Your Supervisors to Notice

If your supervisor notices that you’re overwhelmed, something has gone wrong. It means your performance has slipped or your emotional state has deteriorated so much that they are forced to take notice. Neither reflects well on your long-term career prospects.

For that reason alone, it’s important to get ahead of the situation. You want to have the conversation before it starts to create ripple effects that your supervisor will notice.

Speak Up as Early as Possible

We get it. It’s tough to admit that you’re overwhelmed. You want to show you’re a go-to superstar that can handle any responsibility. However, the longer you wait to ask for help, the more difficult the conversation will become.

As such, it’s crucial to identify a problem before it becomes critical. As soon as the situation seems out of your comfort zone, you should take steps to fix the issue.

Handle the Discussion Professionally

Getting overwhelmed can trigger a dramatic emotional response. Try to tamp down your frustration and it could backfire. Your stress could boil over into an outburst that you might regret later.

Given this risk, it’s important to handle the situation in a calm and professional manner. Don’t stew about the overwork until you break down into a sudden angry tirade. Rather, take an objective approach to the situation and find a solution before things go too far.

Follow a Clear Process

When you decide to talk to your supervisor, proceed in an organized way. This way, you can limit any negative implications and easily transition to a more sustainable situation. Here are a few steps to keep in mind:

  • Schedule a Meeting: Don’t surprise your leadership or try to handle the process in an offhand way. Instead, ask for a meeting to discuss the situation. That way, your supervisor can prepare and set aside time for a proper conversation.
  • Think About What You Want to Say: Your supervisor might not understand the extent of your situation. Going into the talk, consider how you want to present your circumstances. Be ready to provide details and examples.
  • Have Specific Suggestions: Your boss needs certain tasks done. If you don’t have the bandwidth, how can those projects get completed? Go into your discussions with clear ideas about how to redistribute your responsibilities.

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