What’s your greatest weakness? This is one of the hardest interview questions to answer. It’s a great idea to know what you’re going to say when a prospective employer tosses this query your way. Here’s some advice on how to knock it out of the park when you answer.


How to answer the question about your greatest weakness

Answer in two parts

Share a little bit about your weakness, but be sure to include how you compensate for it. This demonstrates your self awareness and shows that you are mature enough to take steps to balance the downside of your weakness with something more positive.

Pick your best weakness

Pick a weakness that is a strength in disguise. Examples are things like being self-critical or getting caught up in details because you like to see things done right.

Don’t try to be funny

It’s always nice to make someone laugh, but that’s not the goal of meeting with a hiring manager. Resist the temptation to admit to a weakness for cupcakes instead of sharing something that shows self-reflection.

Be honest

Nobody is perfect. Even Superman has a weakness. So saying you don’t have any weaknesses is not a viable answer. It will give the impression that you don’t take time to think about on how you can improve as a person and employee.

Be humble

It can be humbling to discuss weaknesses, but accepting them and even turning them into strengths can signal that you are someone who the hiring manger will want on their team.