Communication is the key to a healthy career. But it’s not enough to build that skill in a general sense. It’s also crucial to target your efforts to the most effective places. By mastering the art of talking to the leaders in your workplace, you unlock the door to career advancement.

Few would argue the underlying value of communication in a professional setting. It provides the centerpiece to all networking efforts. It also represents a pivotal soft skill for maximizing your work performance.

Don’t forget: the leadership at your company is likely already prioritizing communication with you. Nearly two-thirds of executives (64%) listed “communicating strategy, values and purposes” as a central priority.

What You Need To Know About Communication With Leadership and Career Advancement

You should return the favor. Learning the benefits of communicating with leadership, as well as the best techniques to accomplish it, can accelerate your career advancement.

The Importance of Having Strong Communication with Leadership

Yes, communicating with those above you in the corporate ladder can boost your career. That seems obvious. But how exactly does the process work? Knowing the details will help you improve your chances of being effective.

An improved ability to talk to executives in your organization can help in a lot of ways. You don’t just receive one benefit. Better communication skills let you advance on multiple fronts at once:

  • You get a chance to learn. The people above you have earned their positions. They have skills you might desire or, at least, the ability to navigate the corporate bureaucracy. Talking to them will help you develop these competencies too.
  • You can optimize your performance. Target your efforts on the areas that most help the company. This will make you an efficient employee, giving you a leg up on your performance reviews. You can fine-tune your focus by picking the brains of the people making promotion and compensation decisions.
  • You become first in line for opportunities. Communicating with those above you in the org chart keeps you on the radar of decision-makers. Become the go-to choice for special projects or for advancement opportunities.

Tips to Maintain a Good Relationship with Leadership

It’s not enough to recognize the benefits of good communication. You also have to take steps to improve your skills in that area. Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Be Good at Your Job: Being chatty with management won’t help if you aren’t a killer employee. Get attention first through your performance and build the communication from there.
  • Start the Conversation Yourself: Don’t wait to be noticed. Find excuses to initiate interactions.
  • Build Personal Relationships: Your bonds with leaders will be stronger if they have a personal component. Discuss families and hobbies as well as work matters.
  • Take a Long View: Don’t go into every conversation thinking, “what can I get out of this?” Think of the effort more like building a friendship. Career benefits might come down the line, but you’ll only poison the process by making that your main goal.

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