Being good at a job interview comes with a built-in contradiction: it’s a highly useful skill that you want to use as little as possible.

Your goal with any interview is to land a great job — ideally one you can hold for a long time, making future interviews unnecessary. Meanwhile, once you score a top position, you hopefully hold onto it for a long time. Play your cards right, you won’t have to interview again for the foreseeable future.

But what happens if you’re suddenly forced back into the job market? Those once-great interview skills have atrophied. You need to take steps to get your game back up to speed quickly. With that in mind, here are a few refreshers to get you back in the swing of things if you haven’t had an interview in a while:

Interview Refreshers That Can Set You Up For Success

Do a Deep Dive into the Company

Each potential employer has subtle differences in its approach and its emphasis. Understanding these details will help you focus your interview responses on the specific company. As such, thorough research will set the stage for successful conversation.

Get Used to Remote Interviews

In the modern economy, you’ll need to master the art of the remote interview. COVID has permanently changed policies at many companies, teaching them the value of conducting virtual conversations with job candidates. Learn everything you can about this process, so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

Understand the Structure of the Interview

Going into each individual interview, have a firm idea of what to expect. How many people will be interviewing you? What form will it take (video, phone call, in-person, etc.)? How does the conversation relate to the overall recruiting process?

Answering questions like these will guide your preparation. At the same time, you’ll avoid surprises on the interview day, making sure you stay calm and collected as the discussion starts.

Determine Your Main Selling Points

Why would the company want to hire you? You need to answer this question for yourself before you can convince your interviewers. Prior to the discussion, think about how you fit with the position. Pick specifics about your skill set and background that make you an excellent choice for the role.

Know Your Weak Points

While you’re maximizing your best qualities, you have to look at the dark side of that equation as well. What are your worst qualities as a potential employee? Are there weak points in your candidacy for a job?

Figuring out these drawbacks helps you maximize your chances to succeed in a job interview. Don’t dwell on the negative. But be prepared to answer these problem areas, presenting your case in the best possible light.

Practice Ahead of Time

Don’t go into an interview cold. Most interviews center on the same predictable themes. As such, you have a good chance of predicting what topics will come up and preparing arguments that optimize your chances of getting hired.

Get the Details Right

Small things can swing an interview. In a competitive market, even the tiniest points of differentiation can separate you from the competition. As such, get the little details right. Heighten your chances by:

  • Arriving on time
  • Staying positive and professional
  • Presenting appealing body language and eye contact
  • Dressing appropriately

Ask Questions

The interview gives you a chance to learn about your prospective employer and the job they have available. Use this opportunity to gather information. This won’t just give you additional data about the position. You’ll also impress your interviewers as a thoughtful, discerning candidate.

Looking for an Easier Transition Back into the Job Market?

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