Get Noticed by Your Dream Employer

We all have that company – the one we’d do just about anything to work for. It’s the company we daydream about, whether because of opportunities for advancement, benefits, high salaries, or travel perks. So why not make that dream a reality? Use these tips to get noticed by your top-pick employer.

Up Your Research Game:

Knowledge is power, so start your efforts with a little learning. Educate yourself about the company’s culture, pay scales, community involvement, and hiring preferences. Use these details to craft a high-level pitch that explains why you would be the perfect new hire.

Sew Up Inconsistencies:

Does your digital footprint align with your resume? If not, it’s time to stitch together all the pieces of your professional persona. Your personal brand needs to be consistent and reflect the characteristics that your dream company values. If you’re unsure how to do this, consult with a recruiter.

Make Your Mark on Social Media:

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram can help you introduce yourself to decision makers at the company. Follow senior executives and hiring managers, and like and share the good news they post. You can also look for opportunities to offer unprompted positive feedback. For example, if you see a post from someone requesting referrals for the type of products or services your would-be employer offers, reply with a recommendation that links to the business.

Go Where the Action Is:

Do detective work to find out where your dream employer can be found. What community events do they support? Are they active in your local chamber of commerce? Volunteer at events or for causes that are likely to be on your dream company’s radar. This will allow you to present yourself as someone who not only admires the core mission of the business, but also shares its concerns and interests in your community.

Get an Introduction:

If you need help getting a meeting with the company’s HR team, don’t hesitate to reach out to a recruiting firm that works in the industry. These agencies can often open doors that might otherwise remain closed.

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