When you’re trying to land a new position, how you treat people at a job interview matters. And not just the individuals running the meeting. The first impression you form with every interaction plays a factor in the eventual hiring decision.

How you carry yourself matters significantly in how a potential employer will perceive you as a job candidate. A survey conducted with hiring managers puts this situation into perspective. The research showed that 76% of respondents would pass on an applicant that came across as arrogant. However, the same data set showed that only 47% would disqualify a candidate for being late or rescheduling an interview.

The lesson? You’re better off being late and nice, rather than showing up on time, but having a distasteful attitude. Given this dynamic, it’s important to stay on your best behavior throughout the hiring process.

Consider Every Interaction Part of the Interview

The interview doesn’t just take place within the confines of a conference room or a Zoom call. Every interaction you have with an associate of a prospective employer can contribute to the eventual hiring decision. From your demeanor during the scheduling process to your interactions with support staff on the day of your interview, consider every conversation part of the process of understanding your character.

To get the most out of every exchange, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay Professional at All Times
  • Maintain a Friendly and Open Demeanor
  • Build Connections

Leave an Impression

Don’t be forgettable. Of course, being remembered for the wrong reasons probably won’t land you the job either. But your chances plummet if the decision-makers at the company can’t recall who you were when they start their deliberations.

As a result, you need to ensure that you create a memorable, constructive impression. Here are some steps to keep in mind:

  • Reinforce an Employee Brand: What makes you different that the other candidates applying for the position? Detail what makes you distinct and underline the value you can provide.
  • Offer a Narrative: Explain how your career has progressed up to this point. At the same time, showcase your vision for your development over time.
  • Ask Questions: Show your interest in the position and your deep knowledge of the situation by asking questions. This shouldn’t just happen during a small window at the end of the interview. Gather information throughout the process.

Follow Up

Remember, you’ll continue to make an impression even after the formal interview ends. The steps you take in the hours, days, and weeks following your discussion will also influence your job candidacy. As such, make the most of the opportunity by conducting an effective follow-up campaign.

Stay in contact with the firm’s decision-makers. Thank them for the opportunity to interview and offer to provide whatever further information they need. Even if the process takes longer than expected and waiting for a decision becomes frustrating, don’t let your upbeat, professional demeanor slip.

Also, maintain your “interview demeanor” even if you get rejected for the role. You might have a chance at a future position at the same company. To reinforce your good impression, remain thankful and optimistic.

At the same time, try to encourage an ongoing dialog with your interviewers. This could help you land the next job that comes along.

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