The pandemic changed expectations about the job market. Prior to COVID, remote working was a relatively rare treat. Now, most companies have developed some experience with the trend. If you prefer virtual operations, your choices have never been so open.

However, while these opportunities are dramatically more common these days, competition for the best roles remains fierce. One study showed that nearly half of all workers (48%) said they would seek out a remote position in their next job search. With so many talented professionals seeking work-from-home flexibility, you’ll need to stand out to land the virtual role you want.

It’s time to get ready for the new realities. Here are some steps you can take to locate the remote job that’s best for you…and to land it once you find it:

Finding the Best Remote Job for Yourself!

Determine Your Priorities

Know what you want. Going into your job search, start with a little soul searching. Make a list of the features that define your ideal position, including the amount of remote work you prefer.

From there, you can see where operating from home fits among your other priorities. This will give you a good basis for weighing your alternatives as you begin to communicate with potential employers.

Learn Your Options

Review the current market for remote work. Find out what’s available in your industry. That way, you can set realistic expectations and better judge your chances of finding the kind of position you want.

Talk to the People Close to You

If you find a remote position, you’ll need help from those around you. Spouses, children, roommates — the people closest to you will facilitate your at-home operations. At the same time, these discussions will bring you advice and insight about discovering the right job for you.

Connect with Your Network

Don’t stop with your inner circle. As you search for a remote position, reach out to your broader network. You might be able to find the perfect job through a connection. At the very least, you’ll learn more about what’s out there, letting you further define your expectations.

Optimize Your Tech Backbone

Virtual work requires the right equipment. Start getting this in place as you seek out a remote job. Make sure you have sufficient internet access, as well as the right computer and other equipment, to excel at a position once you find one.

Get Your Physical Environment Ready

Beyond having the right tech, you also need the right surroundings. Find a place in your home that will serve as your home office. If you have a room you can dedicate to the task, that’s ideal. However, even if that’s not possible, carve out a space for yourself, away from distractions, where you can do your best work.

Refocus Your Resume and Cover Letter

To land a remote job, you need to show employers you can handle the responsibilities involved. As such, rework your resume and cover letter to highlight these abilities. By featuring your experience with remote work, you make it more likely you can land the job.

Upgrade Your Remote Interview Skills

You don’t just need to prepare to excel at your remote position. Before you get that chance, you need to hone your ability to land the job in the first place. That means getting ready for remote interviews. Practice your skills in this key area to raise your chances of grabbing the position you want.

Target Individual Companies

Don’t just wait to stumble onto opportunities. Seek out specific companies you admire, where you know remote positions are possible. Reach out to these prime employers and see what positions they might have available.

Looking for Help Finding the Best Career Opportunity for You?

Getting the right remote job can open up possibilities, both in your career and in your life outside of work. A top recruiter, like Hiregy, has the industry connections to locate the best situation for you.

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